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Check out our current student, Jacob Culp, and one of his digital humanities projects.

Current student Jacob Culp shares a digital humanities project

Have you ever heard of the digital humanities? Digital humanities is an emerging field that combines content areas with digital tools. Concordia University Ann Arbor is proud to offer a Master of Art in Digital Humanities.

Program director Dr. Erin Laverick describes the digital humanities like this: “Digital humanities prepares students not only in honing their content knowledge of a particular field…it also teaches them how to use and design digital tools.” Studying the digital humanities gives students an opportunity to stretch their critical thinking skills and prepare themselves for 21st century jobs.

Recently, current digital humanities student Jacob Culp explored the topic of voting patterns in Digital Humanities by Design. He shared a little about this process with us. Read about it below.


Tell us about the course you recently finished.

This course gives students an overview of the digital humanities. We began to use digital artifacts to explore current and on-going conversations in the field. This included the archiving and digitization of artifacts. Additionally, this course introduced us to web and graphic design as a means of communication. We explored communicating with an audience to analyze ethical, religious, political, historical, and cultural topics.

Project: Shifting Voting Patterns in the Chicagoland Area: An Analysis of Demographics by County

This project was an opening opportunity for me to explore presenting topics under the digital humanities field. I was able to explore the voting demographics in Chicago and gain experience in adobe audition.  


Why did you choose this topic for your digital humanities project?

I chose this topic for my digital humanities project mainly because it was still recently a relevant topic for myself and the country as a whole. When I created the project in fall of 2021, the 2020 presidential election was still within recent memory. Altogether, with more access to accurate and detailed voting statistics, I felt like I could expand upon the theories from my senior seminar project and create a qualitative analysis of the content.


Tell us about the digital skills you used in this course.

I learned Adobe Audition during my time in the mass communications program here at CUAA as an undergrad. I was able to use it multiple times in this course, and I’ve continued using it throughout other courses, allowing me to practice with the system and become more proficient with the tools of the app. Knowing how to use audition is extremely valuable, as it allows for more quality and editable sound creation.

However, I did learn a few tools of coding (the very basics of the function), which was a very cool, yet frustrating, experience. Overall, this class had a nice mix of practical application of the concepts we learned regarding the digital field, plus practice in certain art forms that go into the field.


Why did you choose to study digital humanities?

Well, the field I want to go into is sports information/athletic communications. It requires a significant amount of digital experience with different tools and some degree of creativity. With digital humanities, you get both of those features with the coursework, instruction, and generally everything involved with the program.


What are you looking forward to learning in your next courses?

I’m looking forward to the Geospatial Humanities course. I know it will likely be difficult to comprehend and learn, but I believe it will be a cool skill to develop!


Do you want to know more?

If you’re interested in learning more about Concordia University Ann Arbor’s digital humanities program, visit us here.


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