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Join us on Tuesday, February 1st, at 7pm ET for a free webinar on digital storytelling.

FREE digital storytelling webinar

Digital storytelling is an important skill within the field of digital humanities. The digital humanities can be difficult to define. PC Mag referred to Digital Humanities as “the most exciting field you’ve never heard of” in a post back in 2017. If it’s so exciting, why haven’t we heard of it? Probably because the digital humanities are happening all around us. The digital humanities incorporate a variety of fields of study, such as history, theology, philosophy, English, to name a few. The digital aspect of the digital humanities requires students to use and design digital tools.

It’s no surprise that digital skills are essential these days. Not only are these skills workplace-essential, but digital skills can help us create new things and express ourselves.

This is why digital storytelling is so important across many industries.

Marketers rely on this skill to communicate what their data shows. Knowing how to tell a digital story will help your audience visualize and understand content that might not make sense on its own. Also, this skill is so useful when you need to pitch an idea to a leadership team or a group of stakeholders.


What you’ll learn from this webinar

CUAA’s Digital Humanities Program Director Dr. Erin Laverick will guide you through the art of digital storytelling. You’ll cover useful concepts, such as:

  • The 7 elements of digital storytelling
  • 3 types of digital stories
  • Analyzing digital stories
  • Telling your digital story



Do you want to know more?

What could a master’s in digital humanities do for you? If you’re curious about this program, you can visit us here. No matter what your plan is, we’re here to help you take the next step.



— Vanessa Lane is the Content Marketing Lead at Concordia University and can be reached at When she's not at work, she can be found playing with her kids or watching NBA basketball with her husband.

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