Bernard Kasanda

Get to know the 2021-2022 Resident Assistants at Concordia University Ann Arbor!

Meet Bernard Kasanda (’21).

Bernard will be an RA of Stephen hall and is a nursing major.


What’s your favorite thing about living on campus?

I love campus life and being able to interact with everyone on a daily basis.


What’s your best CUAA Res Hall hack?

Super suite is the way to go! If you have suitemates you truly enjoy I would recommend. Set up a cool hang out room and bedroom.


If I’m playing music in my room I’m probably playing…

Lil Baby, there’s no doubt about it.


My favorite part about working with residents on campus is (or will be)…

Building their trust. I love being there for my residents whenever they need help and its a great feeling when they have enough trust in me to come tell me about something important.

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