Gabriel Farr

Get to know the 2021-2022 Resident Directors at Concordia University Ann Arbor!

Meet Gabriel Farr.

Gabriel is the West Side residence director, a residence life staff member.


What’s your favorite thing about living on campus?

Ease of access. Being able to be around for all the night events and the convenience of the gym, weight room, and Thunder Sports Complex is awesome!


What’s your best CUAA Res Hall hack?

Move your furniture to fit along the walls. It really makes the room feel a lot bigger!


If I’m playing music in my room I’m probably playing…

Whatever my wife is listening to. She runs the music in the house and car.


My favorite part about working with residents on campus is (or will be)…

My favorite part is being able to create a fun environment where I also have the opportunity to really get to know people.

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