In honor of national student worker week, we’re proud to present CUAA’s 2023-24 Student Workers of the Year!

It’s Student Worker Appreciation Week at CUAA – when we take time out to express appreciation for all of our valuable student workers. We feel incredibly blessed and grateful to have what we believe is the best student workforce around!

We also recognize that there are some students who go above and beyond to exemplify outstanding work ethic and servant leadership. These Student Workers of the Year are nominated by our staff and faculty. The qualifications to be nominated include:

  • Exemplifies a strong, Christ-like character
  • Shows enthusiasm, dedication, initiative, and reliability in service to their department
  • Performs excellent work
  • Willingly goes above and beyond expectations
  • Has a mindset of service to others

Thank you all for your exemplary service to Christ in the Church, in the world, and at CUAA!

Breann June

“She works hard for me in the OOTP, but also is part of the SALT leadership team, she does extra stuff for Lonnie, she does whatever I ask WITHOUT complaint (sometimes yucky stuff), and she even brought ME flowers when I was going through a rough time. She is in a position where she keeps confidence, she is thoughtful, radiates Christ, and goes the extra mile on purpose!

She has gone out of her way to plan the Volleyball senior night to be special for each of the seniors, she is volunteering to organize the Cardys, and she actively participates in church and community events in her home town when she is there.”

Nominated by Sarah Thurmond in Office of the President

Jorja Vartoogian

“Jorja is probably our most versatile ambassador in that she does tours, works desks, is on student panels, and is always willing to cover and/or pick up shifts for others. She grow in her confidence with giving tours and is always very hospitable and friendly to guests. In our post-visit surveys that families complete, guests continue to give her high ratings on the quality, friendliness, and knowledge of the tour guide!”

Nominated by Kyle Thoms in Admissions

“Jorja is a very hard worker in Nursing, and she works in other departments too. She is willing to help where ever she is needed and take on any challenges that are thrown her way. I am always able to give her a task or simulation project and I can trust that it will get done. She is willing to come in when we need an extra hand or have a special event, and she never complains. I nominated her for Student Worker of the Year last year too.”

Nominated by Ben Oliver in Nursing

Michaela Kurth

“Michele and I with support for our teams, nominate Michaela Kurth as Student Worker of the Year! Michaela works for two departments this year, the Business Office and Facilities. She excels in both areas!  Speaking on behave of the facilities department, Michaela keeps our grounds looking good and weed free! She has worked may tiring hours all over this campus manicuring our flower beds and purging rock beds. Never a complaint and always willing to jump right in.  When business office priorities or some stormy weather kicked in, she redirected herself to the business office to jump right in. Michaela communicates extremely well with her schedule and availability. Undoubtedly, Michaela is on a strong pathway for success!” 

Nominated by Jerry Novak & Michele Stentzel in Building and Grounds

Makena Burke

“Makena is the epitome of hard work, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to her responsibilities. She regularly submits work projects well before the due date, and often reminds me, her supervisor, of details I’ve missed. Her attention to details and logistics are strong and an asset to the Department of Student Events.

Moreover, Makena possesses a creative flair that invigorates our team. She has an innate ability to think outside the box, offering innovative solutions to complex problems. This creativity is evidenced through her management of our Instagram page, which has seen hundreds of new followers under her leadership, as well as a percentage increase our overall engagement well into the thousands. From promotional marketing campaigns to social media management, Makena approaches challenges with tenacity, vision, and resolve.

Furthermore, Makena is incredibly responsible, proactive, and dependable. She naturally takes lead of situations and follows through on every task she is assigned and volunteers for. Throughout her many commitments, Makena has found a way to keep track of all her responsibilities better than most professionals. Her reliability is unparalleled, and she can always be counted on to deliver results of the highest caliber.

In conclusion, Makena embodies the qualities of an exceptional student worker. Her hardworking nature, creative spirit, sense of humor, and unwavering grit make Makena truly deserving of the title of Student Worker of the Year. I have no doubt that she will continue to excel and inspire others in all she endeavors.”

Nominated by LaDonna Hawthorne in Student Events

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