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As we say goodbye to the past year, we must look back on our Christmas celebration to consider the true gift we have been given. A sincere hope for Christians is that all people will understand the Christmas message of John 3:16:

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

What’s being promised? Eternal life and salvation. Why do we forget that?

When considering a higher education degree, it’s wise to ask the same question – what’s being promised? When it comes to Concordia’s accelerated programs “what’s being promised?” Concordia students provide the best answers. Here are a few benefits mentioned by our students.

Adjusting to a changing world

Life in the information world is changing everything. Concordia’s accelerated programs in online and virtual formats help students develop skills in our changing society. Real-world application and encouragement by instructors in the field help prepare students to excel in a changing world.

Better paying jobs & economic stability

The Indeed 2021 career guide reviewed the average salaries of various education levels. Results show that those over the age of 25 with no college degree earn an average of $774 per week and hold an unemployment rate of 4.0%. Those who hold a two-year associate degree earn $836 with unemployment dropping to 3.4%. 

The news gets even better for bachelor degree holders, like the CUW alums of the accelerated bachelor programs, who on average earn $1,173 per week with a significantly lower unemployment rate of 2.5%.  Earning an undergrad degree significantly enhances job opportunities and security. Furthermore, it can easily set the stage for further potential growth through graduate and professional degrees.

Taking advantage of employee benefits

“My boss has been encouraging me to go back to school and will even help me pay for the cost,” says one current student. “It would be foolish for me to not take advantage of that!” 

Employers have adjusted to a competitive hiring market. More and more offer back-to-school incentives through tuition reimbursement and grants for employees. Additionally, the military community continues to provide education benefits to veterans and active military members.

Joining a respected institution in the community

Many students received encouragement from relatives, friends, and co-workers who are either alumni of CUWAA or see the community’s respect for Concordia. “Concordia changed my life in so many ways and I appreciate the Christian perspective to my degree,” said a recent graduate.

Setting an example

A common sentiment expressed within the accelerated community is the desire to leave a legacy for children and family members. When a student returns to finish a degree, they quickly learn the program allows for a favorable number of credits to transfer in from accredited programs. 

This policy has assisted many students who thought their previous academic struggles brought about through medical, behavioral, or financial challenges of the past limited their degree potential to set an example of persistence. It has now become a common occurrence for a parent to be earning a degree alongside their own child.


Finally, a major benefit for many accelerated students is the self-satisfaction that comes from knowing they have done all they could with the talent and abilities the Creator endowed within them. The accelerated format provides the flexibility to move through the program at a pace that works for you. That satisfaction provides an overwhelming sense of achievement.

Ready to move forward?

For the adult learner or even the recent high school graduate who found themselves lost in the traditional world of on-campus coursework, there may be plenty of benefits for you in Concordia’s adult accelerated program. This – and more – is what’s in it for you! To learn more about all of the accelerated degrees and programs offered for busy adults including those in Arts & Sciences, Business, Computer Science, Education, Health Care, and Public Service visit CUWAA Accelerated Admissions or call 262-243-5700.