Artists of Concordia

You can see them all around campus, creating in the Kreft Center for the Arts studios and walking from class to class with portfolios in hand. You hear their tunes as they practice their instruments and vocals, lead Tuesday Night Worship, or perform in shows—they are the Artists of Concordia.

These Concordia students use their unique gifts and talents to bring creativity and beauty to every corner of Concordia, while also building their skills for future service to Christ in the Church and the world.

For students considering involvement in fine arts at CUAA, there’s no one better to hear about the experience than the student artists themselves. Each fine arts opportunity is open to any student in the Concordia community, regardless of program of study.

Tina Perumalla (’21)

Women’s Chorale
Nursing major, Worship Arts minor

“The thing that I love about Concordia is that the professors really want you to be the best version of yourself that you can possibly be. Not only will they push you to do your best, but they will help you be the best and that’s what makes Concordia unique.”



Esther Schulze (’20)

Visual Artist
Art major, Marketing major

“My professors know so much about what they are teaching their knowledge is inspiring. The professors want you to succeed and are there to help you; they are also very experienced. You will have the chance to go on field trips to local museums and see pieces in person. The studios have great light and materials, and your classes will be smaller which means you’ll have better relationships with your classmates and professors. You will be able to grow and improve and then have the chance to show everything you have learned in your senior exhibit in the Kreft art gallery.”

Nate Louisignau (’18)

Concordia Choir, Arborsong
Music Education major

“Everyone sometimes struggles with feeling accepted and wanted in their life. I certainly know I was looking for acceptance. I found it with this group, in choir you get to make best friends for life.

We’ve done SOOOO much together as a group! We’ve been to Germany, Canada, all over the United States. This group gets better all the time and there is much potential for us to get better. If you want to be in a group that is fun, but challenges you, then choir is the place for you!”


Elena Rodriguez (’20)

Winter Guard
Family Life Education major

“Experiencing winter guard at Concordia is different here because there’s always an underlying spiritual message in what we do. We’re performing as best we can with our God given gifts.

I would tell [an interested student] that if they want to try something new to just do it! It’s something creative that is a lot of fun and you get to meet some amazing people.”


Micah Matheson (’21)

Worship Arts
Sport and Entertainment Business major

“My experience with worship arts has been amazing due to the fact that I get to worship with other college students that are on fire for God like me! Everyone is so loving and talented! I would tell a student who is interested in worship arts that it is a great way to get involved in the university right away and a great way to make friends!”

Nathan Berch (’20)

Wind Ensemble
Business Management Major

“My experience with CUAA’s Wind Ensemble is unique compared to other universities because we are able to express our faith more freely through performing Christian pieces more often than other ensembles and we are offered great opportunities such as being able to perform at Carnegie Hall and Symphony Hall.”



 Lexie Brown (’21)

Wind Ensemble
Family Life Education major

“We get to play religious music (hymns) and we pray at the end of every rehearsal.

The music is challenging, but not so hard that it’s impossible to play. Dr. Perrine runs rehearsals very efficiently. Band is a great way to make friends.”



—This article’s content and photography is courtesy of Concordia students Allie Milot (’21) and Esther Schulze (’20). Allie is a freshman from Ann Arbor, Michigan studying art with an emphasis in graphic design and a business entrepreneurship minor. Esther is a sophomore from Brooklyn, New York double majoring in art and marketing. 

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