Breanna studying abroad in Italy

Every considered studying abroad? Concordia University Ann Arbor has many options for unique, educational experiences around the globe. Check out CUAA's very own Breanna Sheriden's experience in Italy this past summer!

Breanna Sheridan (’22) is a senior at CUAA studying elementary education with a specialization in language arts and Lutheran teaching. She spent a month studying at the University of Lorenzo de’ Medici in Florence, Italy this summer and shared her experience with us on her blog.

“I chose to study abroad to not only gain a unique education, but to expand my knowledge and experiences in another country. I think that everyone, if given the chance, should study abroad during their time in college!” said Sheridan, who not only shared weekly recaps of her time in Italy but also wrote her testimonial on why other college students should consider studying in a different country.

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In Breanna’s first week, she was able to move into her apartment and explore the city of Florence, as well as meet some locals around where she was staying. She also mentions that the streets were not as busy as they probably would have been in different years, so that was a major positive!


In week two, Breanna started her classes at the Lorenzo de’ Medici, taking Italian Literature and the Ancient Roots of Florence. During the school week, she takes three hour classes, Monday through Thursday, just enough time to explore Italy on the weekends. Breanna said she spent a lot of week two in the Mediterranean Sea, as well as visiting Cinque Terre and the Amalfi Coast.


In her third week in Italy, Breanna was able to take a day trip to Venice and row down the streets in a gondola. Halfway through her semester already, she also got to join a cooking class with a local restaurant and chef who taught them how to cook a few Italian classics.


Breanna, in her fourth week, was able to visit the Gucci museum and explore all things Gucci. She also noted how much she will miss the grocery stores in Italy, and all the high-quality and fresh foods they contain! She also took her last train ride of the trip to Rome and got the experience the Coliseum in all it’s greatness.


In Breanna’s last week in Italy, she spent a large portion of her time studying and taking her finals for school. She said bye to her friends, packed up her apartment, visited her favorite places one last time, and made her way back to the United States.

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