At Concordia University Ann Arbor, students have the opportunity to take Common Core Experience classes, or CCE classes, as a unique addition to their undergraduate experience.

CCE classes are intended to engage students in discussions about important topics while maintaining a Christ-centered outlook. As Assistant Vice President of Academics Dr. Erin Laverick puts it: “Through the CCE courses, my hope is that students will focus on their relationship with God and begin to better understand vocation and what they are called to do after they graduate from Concordia.”

The four classes include Western Culture and Worldview, Western Thought and Worldview, Christian Citizen, and Science and Humanity. All CUAA students are required to take these four Liberal Arts core classes. Beyond these, students are also offered a variety of courses designed to sharpen reasoning and critical thinking skills.

Here’s a look at four of the courses that CUAA has determined to be essential to a Cardinal’s educational experience.

Western Culture and Worldview

Western Culture and Worldview takes a dive into important cultural and historical moments to explore the development of the Western Culture worldview and better educate students on cultures other than their own.

Student Evan Daldin, who has previously taken this class, says, “The class provided me an opportunity to dig deeper into some of the well known, classic texts of different western cultures. Through many small classroom discussions and activities, the class is structured around helping students further comprehend what was being read and studied.”

Professors who teach this class include Robert Hill, Mark Looker, and Neal Migan.

Western Thought and Worldview

Western Thought and Worldview creates discussion on the great minds of Western philosophy where students analyze ancient, medieval, modern, and contemporary philosophy and keep mindful of the Christian Worldview. The goal of this class is also that students develop strong arguments for defending the Christian faith.

Student Charity Felton, who has previously taken this class, says, “Western thought and worldview helped me to get in a college mindset, learn foundational content that I built upon in higher level classes, and meet my peers during my first year.”

Professors who teach this class include Stephen Parrish and Scott Yakimow.

Christian Citizen

Christian Citizen wishes to define citizenship and apply it to both our lives as neighbors of one another and as a Christian. This class also takes a look at how we should want to live our lives as Christians, our vocations, and how we can become engaged and moral citizens.

Carl Pierce, a student currently enrolled in Christian Citizen, quotes, “The idea of being a Christian citizen is nice to think, but learning about it and growing as one is something amazing that I can take away from this class everyday!”

Professors who teach this class include Jessica Luckhardt, Steven Hendrix, and Charles Schulz.

Science and Humanity

Science and Humanity develops students’ understanding of how natural and social sciences are practiced and tested, as well as being able to identify faulty logic in scientific claims. This class also covers the increased importance and impact of technology, like computers and algorithms, on science in the modern world.

Mckenzie Maciejewski, a student currently enrolled in Science and Humanity, says, “By taking this class I feel that I now have a better understanding on how big of an impact science has on my daily life.”

Professors who teach this class include Lance Shultz, James Refenes, and Alex Martin.

— Ellesyn Fritcha ('24) is a student writer majoring in biomedical science. Questions or concerns related to this article may be directed to

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