There’s nothing like a Christmas tree to put us in a festive mood. But, have you seen all of the trees we have on campus? Take a walk around campus, using the guide below, and see if you can find them all!

Central Campus

You can’t miss it!

Cardinal Café

If you haven’t yet noticed, we have a giant tree in the café! The next largest tree on campus, other than our tree outside of the Chapel.

President’s Office

Stop by the president’s office and chat with campus mom, Sarah Thurmond!

North Building

Near the entrance of the North Building, you can find this tree covered in healthcare essentials.

Manor Living Room

There are lots of Christmas decorations in the Earhart Manor, but the featured tree can be found in the living room.

Chapel of the Holy Trinity

Standing tall in our chancel, there are two trees that are located on either side of the altar.

Student Services Building

On your way into the Student Services building, this 10-foot tree is hard to miss.

Registrar’s Office

Just down the hall in the Student Services building, the Registrar’s office has been decorated from floor to ceiling, including this lovely tree!

International Student Services

Outside of the International Student office, there is a set of two decorated trees!

ResLife Office

Covered with the faces of our fantastic Resident Assistants, ResLife has a little tree in their office space.

Career Engagement Studio

Stop by the studio to say “hi” to one of Concordia’s student ambassadors, and take a look at their little tree!

Professor Chappuis’ Office Door

You have probably noticed this semester that students have been adorning Dr. C’s office door. Check out how festive this one is!

Blackbox Theatre

A little out of sight, this tree can be found in the Black Box Theatre, on the first floor of the Kreft Arts building.

IT Building

The most unconventional tree on campus!

Nursing Simulation Wing

This tree is located outside the Debrief rooms in the Nursing Sim wing at the North building.

North Building Chapel

You can find this tree inside the Chapel at the North Building. Something extra unique about this tree is all of the ornaments are 3D printed!

Want in?

Come see these spots on campus for yourself and schedule a visit on campus. Click on the link below to learn more.