Learn why Terry and Marlene Cripe decided to become Concordia Cornerstone Society members.

Lutheran, Christian education holds a special place in the hearts of Terry and Marlene Cripe. So it makes sense that they support the Concordia Fund at Concordia University Ann Arbor.

“When I served as the Ohio District president, I saw the crippling debt that many of our graduating teachers and pre-ministerial students accumulated,” said Terry, who not only served the district but is also a 1968 CUAA alumnus. “Generous student aid must encourage the brightest and best to enter these important church work vocations.”

Terry suggests to those who have not been to campus, to make a visit, especially alumni from the early days of Concordia when it was a fledgling junior college. He calls the growth of the school over the years “inspiring,” and notes that it has encouraged him to give financially so that he can help Concordia “reach even further heights.”

Supporting priorities such as scholarships and the Concordia Fund enable more students to receive an education at a university that values helping students develop in mind, body and spirit for service to Christ in the Church and the world.

“With the increasing college enrollment competition thanks to decreasing Midwest demographics, higher tuition costs, and growing skepticism about the need for a college education,” said Terry. “it is important to fund student tuition aid and physical plant improvements so Concordia remains competitive as a viable, unapologetically Lutheran, Christian university.”

Want in?

We hope you will join the Cripes in supporting the Concordia Fund by becoming inaugural members of the Concordia Cornerstone Society. The CCS is part of an effort to raise awareness of the Concordia Fund’s unrestricted gifts to help impact the immediate needs of our students. By making an unrestricted, cumulative gift of $1,000 or more on a fiscal year basis (July to June) to the Concordia Fund, a donor will become a member of the CCS. For more information about the society and to see its benefits, click on the button below.