Congratulations to our December candidates for graduation who will soon cross the CUAA commencement stage.

A total of 73 individuals have met the requirements to participate in this weekend’s commencement activities. At 2 p.m. on Sunday, Dec. 17, these candidates, along with family friends, and the entirety of the Concordia community, will celebrate the completion of their academic degree.

December 2023 Graduates

Key: *** = Summa Cum Laude ** = Magna Cum Laude * = Cum Laude

An undergraduate candidate who achieves a cumulative grade point average of 3.90 or better will graduate SUMMA CUM LAUDE; one who achieves a cumulative grade point average of 3.80 or better will graduate MAGNA CUM LAUDE; and one who achieves a cumulative grade point average of 3.60 or better will graduate CUM LAUDE.

Master of Science

Melanie Aldape
Emily Binkowski
Alexander Colville
Dominic Doyle
Sarah French
Robert Gonzales
Tyler Groth
Nicole Kimmell
Jacob Klausmeier
Rachel Krieg
Nannette Kuhn
Cesiley LaCourt
Ryan Mariouw
Melisa McKendry
Misa Nakamura
Angela Orr
Tracy Patterson
Colton Ritsema
Holly Robinson
William Rozema 
Charlotte Schulz 
Brandy Tevepaugh 
Kathi Zimmerman 

Bachelor of Arts 

Jarrett Batanian* 
Maggie Coggin 
Alexandria Elliott 
Jonathan Jackson* 
Henry Knapp** 
Alyssa Kraemer*** 
John Markiewicz*** 
Paxton Meyer 
Katrina Miller 
Samantha Putnam* 
Katherine Schultz 
Hannah Volz 
Andrew Wiemer* 
Payton Woodruff 

Bachelor of Science 

Danyelle Beckesh** 
Andrew Burk 
Caleb Comstock*** 
Korey Dunson 
Amanda Fisher 
Jose Garcia 
Erin Hamilton 
William Hieber 
Tad Lenhart** 
Colin McCartney 
Olivia McGriff 
Brandon Miotke 
McKenzie Peters 
Adrianna Rugiero 
Harrison Ryan*** 
Mary Salem* 
Mallory Simmons*** 
Hannah Smigielski 
Elysia Stephenson 
Mackenzie Thurman 
Andrew Todd 
James Wressel 
Junqi Wu 

Bachelor of Science in Nursing 

Megan Espinoza* 
Karley Kent 
Madeline Kosman* 
Taylor Leatherman 
Mckenzie Maciejewski* 
Keegan Miller* 
Lauren Miller 
Andrea Nelson 
Jonathan Parsons* 
Madison Phillips* 
Casey Rauch* 
Katherine Vivacqua*** 
Jordan Wieneke** 
Caitlyn Wilcox 

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