Health Care Administration: Should Nurses Pursue an MBA?

The Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) is a wonderful next step for nurses looking to advance in the field. But have you considered a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA)? Particularly, have you looked at an MBA with a Health Care Administration focus as an alternative?

As a practicing nurse, you know the importance that health care administration plays in your organization. Understanding the complexity of the medical system and the business choices that inform current practice is helpful. If you look forward to the possibility of being in a decision-making role, then this knowledge is essential.

MSN vs MBA in Health Care Administration

The MSN path hones in on the latest medical theories and societal issues. However, students in the MBA in Health Care Administration generally focus on the foundations of upper-level management. The MBA degree offers the skills to advance your knowledge of business concepts specifically as they relate to health care. Many lessons in this concentration are framed within a historical and practical perspective. They have the intention of teaching students how to conceptualize and deal with future issues.

Career Versatility

A largely important incentive with the MBA with a Health Care Administration focus is its versatility. This is an ideal fit for someone looking to potentially shift gears a few times throughout their career. Students learn organizational business tactics, management, accounting, and marketing which, in turn, prepare them for a larger range of roles. These potential positions include:

  • Hospital Administrator
  • C-level Management such as Chief Operating Officer or Chief Executive Officer
  • Marketing Director
  • Role in a health care corporation such as an insurance provider

What’s better—a recent survey found that more than 80 percent of health care managers rated their job as meaningful based on a matrix of their satisfaction and salary.

Your Next Step

Did you know that we have an MBA with a Health Care Administration concentration that is perfect for nurses looking to grow their professional potential?

Our program educates health care professionals who are ready to think on their feet and confidently implement custom policies and strategies within their particular organization. Professionals with a wealth of knowledge teach students in our program. Our 100% online courses fit your schedule and life.

Whether your goal is to manage an entire facility, a specific clinical area, or a group medical practice, you will be able to adapt to the constant changes now and into the future.

To get started on your journey toward becoming a health care administrator, request more information on our MBA in Health Care Administration degree. 

This blog was originally published on 11/18/2019. It has been updated to reflect current information.

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