After 13 years as president of the Michigan District of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod, Rev. Dr. David P.E. Maier (’78) is term limited.

His last day is Sept. 30, 2022.

“I’m very grateful to the Lord for the opportunity to serve,” said Maier. “I trust that God will raise up a great leader to take over and move the Kingdom of God in Michigan as He desires.”

Maier comes from a family legacy steeped in the Lutheran faith. His grandfather, Walter A Maier, founded the flagship radio ministry “The Lutheran Hour.” His father, Dr. Walter A. Maier Jr., served as a vice president in Synod and taught at Concordia Theological Seminary. His uncle, Dr. Paul L. Maier, an author and lecturer, also served as a vice president in Synod. His brother, Walter A. Maier III, is a teacher at Concordia Theological Seminary and is authoring the Concordia Commentary on 1 and 2 Kings. Following in those esteemed footsteps, Maier attended CUAA, where he met his wife Pat (Kemmerling, ’77), and then attended Concordia Theological Seminary. He served in a variety of ministry positions before being elected district president in 2009. Both he and his wife have been honored with CUAA’s Outstanding Alumnus Award.

Among Maier’s notable accomplishments as district president was his active role in preserving CUAA mere days into his first term.

“CUAA was worth saving then, and it is still a gem worth fighting for now,” said Maier. “I came from a great Christian family, but at Concordia my faith became my own. That’s what an incredible place like CUAA does. Why would we want to lose it?”

Maier started his work for CUAA, at that time, in the most powerful way he knew: He prayed. And then he rallied other believers, supporters, multiple district presidents, and influencers who were invested in the cause. CUAA’s ultimate triumph is the culmination of prayerful and financial support from several LCMS districts; Michigan’s Church Extension Fund; the Concordia University System; members of CUW’s Board of Regents; and Rev. Patrick T. Ferry, PhD, then CUW president.

“God allowed us to work hard and together by His grace blessed those efforts. God came through,” said Maier. “But He’s not done with it yet. May He use it for Christian growth, excellence, and transformed lives now and for decades or even centuries to come.”

With CUAA firmly intact, Maier is focused on the future.

“I would love to see our district, trusting firmly in the Word and promises of Jesus, be a stronger center for missional action,” said Maier. “We need to lovingly care for people without compromise. We need to live and share the truth in love, and recognize and thank God for the gift that each individual is. We could focus on all that and let God take care of the church.”

Come September, the Maiers will relocate to Frankfort on the northwest edge of Michigan. They anticipate seeing more of their four children and six (plus one more on the way) grandchildren. While they consider the numerous opportunities before them, they have clear thoughts on their top priorities. “We will pour ourselves into our grandchildren and help them see the beauty of Jesus, His words, and work. Then, we are always available to our God for what is next.”

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