Henry Knapp

Introducing the 2020-21 Resident Assistants at Concordia University Ann Arbor!

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Meet Henry Knapp (’23).

Hometown: Kalamazoo, Michigan

Major: Special Education

RA of Luke Hall (secondary)

What are three fun facts about yourself?

  • My first car was a mini van
  • I played four sports in high school
  • I really like shoes

What’s been your favorite part of your Concordia experience so far?

My favorite part of my Concordia experience has been being a part of the basketball team. Our team consists of a variety of people with different backgrounds from different places, yet we all come together and form one big family by doing something we all love. 

Outside of basketball another favorite part of my Concordia experience is all the new opportunities it’s constantly offering. That has not only helped me to find who I am, but in many ways helped strengthen my faith in Christ.  

What’s one thing that Concordia students should have in their hall?

One essential item I feel students should have in their hall is disinfecting wipes. These make for a quick clean up of messes and spills; and trust me when I say it’s an extreme help when your RA has to come check your room later that day. 

What’s something that Concordia students should NOT have in their hall?

Something I think is important to remember is to NOT have anything in your hall that violates our schools drug-free and dry campus rules. Which include beverages with low-content levels such as sherry/cooking wine. 

What has been your first impression of being on the Resident Life Team?

My first impression of being an RA so far is that RA’s are people who love to branch out and create new relationships with others. My first year at Concordia I would keep to myself and always wanted that to change, but really didn’t know how. Until I interviewed to become an RA and realized this is the way to do it, while encouraging others to branch out themselves. 

Click here to view all of CUAA’s Resident Assistants for the 2020-21 academic year.

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