Meet the Director of CUAA’s online Master’s and teacher certification program. “Dr. CvH,” as her students affectionately call her, recently presented at four conferences in four different states in the last four months!

Have you traveled for work lately? If you’re Dr. CvH, you know all about traveling for work.  As an in-demand presenter on various educational topics, Dr. CvH enjoys sharing her knowledge and pedagogy with other teachers and researchers.  In fact, as an online professor, Sara feels it’s important to connect in person with colleagues in her field.  She enjoys connecting with teachers working with students in the K-12 classroom environment, not only to help them become more effective instructors, but so that she too can learn about the needs of classroom teachers to identify where she might be able to help.

Let’s see where Dr. CvH has been, what topics she presented and why she spends her time at these conferences and workshops.

Dr. CvH, it sounds like you have been quite busy these last couple of months.  Where have you traveled to for your presentations?
Dr. Sara Clemm von Hohenberg presenting at the ALCF conference in Iowa.

I have been busy! My first workshop was in Wisconsin where I presented to Lutheran teachers about strategies to help support student mental health.  I then traveled to Iowa to present my research on vocational exploration at the Association of Lutheran College Faculties conference alongside other Lutheran college faculty. 

Next was Ohio for the Ohio District Educators Conference where I worked with Lutheran teachers to help them use concepts of friendship found in the bible to encourage faith development with their students.  Lastly, I was back in Michigan to present at the All Professional Church Workers conference helping teachers implement innovative ways to pray with their students.

It seems you’ve presented about several different topics.  How do you choose what to present about?

My first goal in presenting is meeting the needs of the teachers in attendance.  It’s important to me that what I talk about is relevant and can help the attendees be better teachers the very next day.  I work closely with conference administration to see where the needs are and how I might be of assistance.

Why do you choose to present at these conferences and workshops?

In the School of Education at Concordia, we have a strong foundation built on effective pedagogy. And yet, it is an equally important part of our philosophy that our instruction be practical and valuable.  For me, it is important that I present so that I can model to my students the same skills and concepts that I expect in them.  Plus, God has given me a wealth of knowledge over my time in the education field and I know He is calling me to share this insight with others.  And, I love getting to see my former students and hearing all about their successes in the classroom.

What can other districts or conference do if they are interested in having you present?

Great question! I am always happy to work with districts or administrators to meet the needs of their staff. I would encourage anyone looking for professional development options to contact me at:

Want in?

If you’re looking for a professional development presenter or if you have teachers who are uncertified looking to earn their certification while also receiving a Master’s degree, contact Dr. Clemm von Hohenberg at or check out the program webpages: