Kwesi Betserai

Concordia University Ann Arbor has welcomed a new team member, Kwesi Betserai, who will serve as Veteran Outreach Coordinator.

Kwesi will be responsible for working with CUAA’s veteran students and their families to guarantee they have access to tuition information and other resources. We are excited for how Kwesi’s strong experience and personal gifting will help us continue investing in support services for veteran students and their families.

Why should Veterans consider Concordia’s accelerated programs?

After serving in the military, many Veterans struggle with transitioning from military life to the civilian world. Our accelerated degree programs are designed to meet their needs, helping them have a successful transition into civilian work. You have the option to choose between online learning and evening classes that meet virtually once a week. Therefore, you get complete control over your education without sacrificing your family life or work schedule. Additionally, tuition is paid by term either to Concordia or you depending on the VA educational benefit the veteran is eligible for.

Let’s get to know Kwesi!

Why is Concordia’s mission important to you?

Concordia’s mission is important to me because it is committed to helping students develop in mind, body, and spirit for service to others. Veteran and Military students are a critical part of that work. As a veteran, service is at the core of who I am. I believe that all of us are placed on this planet with a God-given purpose and wrapped up in that purpose is service to our fellow man

Where are you from? What is your military background?

I am from Detroit. My military background is in Field Artillery and Logistics. I completed Officer Candidate School (OCS), Airborne, Air Assault, and Anti-terrorism School. Regardless of the training, I still consider myself a Servant Leader committed to helping others.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

I never considered this question before. What I’d like to see is the elimination of racism and an increase in the spirit of working together among all mankind.

Where is your best place to vacation?

Recently, my wife and I visited Ft. Lauderdale and I just enjoyed the sunshine and the beaches. I ran every day and rode bikes with my wife. I love to run, I’m a second-place finisher at Chicago!

What’s next?

Concordia University is committed to helping veterans, military students, and their families access the benefits they are due. The Veteran Services Office at Concordia is dedicated to providing military personnel, veterans, and their families with the resources and information needed to take advantage of all available military benefits. We are dedicated to upholding Concordia’s mission of helping students develop through mind, body, and spirit by providing them with access to a range of resources that will help them make the most of their military service.

For more information, check out our Military and Veteran Resource page here.