Meet Ambryn Diener (’26) from Sheboygan Lutheran, majoring in Science in Rehabilitation Science to pursue a Doctorate of Occupational Therapy.

Why should someone from Sheboygan Lutheran consider CUAA (Concordia University Ann Arbor)?

CUAA is a private Lutheran, Christian school. If you like the small school atmosphere from LHS, CUAA is a great place for you. It can be your home away from home, as it is for me. We are a family here. You will get to know quite a few people who will immediately become your best friends. These relationships will continue long after college and into the future. The education is also very personalized as it is at LHS. Teachers will know your name and care for you not as a number, but as a person.

How did Sheboygan Lutheran prepare you for life after high school?

Sheboygan Lutheran prepared me very well academically. They have very high level academic classes, and they offer quite a few classes through CUW as well, that were easily transferable to CUAA (they are sister schools). The professors are wise and well-versed in their subject area, and they also apply the Christian faith to every class.

What has been the impact of a Lutheran education in your life?

Lutheran education has greatly impacted my life. Sheboygan Lutheran taught me what it means to be a Christian leader inside and outside the classroom. I have been equipped to tackle adversity with God on my side and working through my every move. It is very important to have a Christian education before college to become solid in the faith and academics before the world will challenge you even more when you are living on your own.

Has any teachers or professors impacted your life while at CUAA?

One person who has made an impact on me personally is Pastor and Vice President Ryan Peterson. Yes, he is the Vice President, but he is always among the students cultivating new relationships and expanding on current ones. He teaches a couple classes and preaches in chapel sometimes as well. I am grateful that Ryan Peterson has shared his story to my dorm residents, and he actively lives out his faith. We also attend the same church, and he always asks about life updates. P Ry, as we call him, is a genuinely kind man with the heart of God’s servant.

What is the most underrated element of CUAA?

The family atmosphere at CUAA is the most underrated element. When I was applying for CUAA, my admissions counselor mentioned how we feel like a family at Concordia, and that’s exactly what it is. As I mentioned earlier, you will meet forever friends here because you are forced to do life together away from home. You learn from mistakes and grow as a group that works together to succeed in academics and grow in your love for God.

What is your favorite spot on campus?

My favorite spot on campus is Kreft Center for the Arts. This is our music and arts building. There are practice rooms, art rooms, the Black Box theater, a recital hall, and an art gallery. I may be biased because I spend most of my time here, but it is my favorite spot on campus because there is always music playing. Someone is practicing a vocal solo, an instrument solo, or choir, band or orchestra may be rehearsing. There is also a student lounge area where you can hear this relaxing music as you study.

What drew you to Concordia?

There are so many opportunities at Concordia Ann Arbor. I mean SO MANY. I have been able to get involved with so many activities, through which I have met such awesome people. When I was in high school, I was excited that I was going to be able to continue playing soccer, playing viola, singing in choir, helping in chapel, working on campus, all while getting a degree in occupational therapy! The occupational therapy program is another reason I came- they have state-of-the-art medical technology and other great resources that will aid me in my future career.

What has been your favorite class here at CUAA and why?

My favorite class here at CUAA was Advanced Anatomy. It was difficult and included a lot of memorizing, but my professors Kristin Shuman and Reggie Kehoe were very helpful. I got to go into the cadaver lab and learn about the human body from a real human body.

Want in?

Consider our program for a BSRS, a solid foundation for future studies in Occupational Therapy (OTD) or Physical Therapy (DPT). Even if graduate school isn’t your immediate plan, rehabilitation science offers versatile skills for various medical and health careers. Our curriculum covers advanced anatomy, physiology, medical terminology, human development, and mechanical principles, providing a strong scientific and ethical foundation. As a Christian university, we emphasize a life-affirming perspective on human existence.