At CUAA, the partnership with Fortis Academy is strong, evident through significant alumni presence and collaborative efforts shaping the future of education.

At CUAA, we take pride in fostering meaningful connections within our community. One of the most impactful partnerships we’ve established, especially in the School of Education, is with National Heritage Academies, specifically with Fortis Academy in Ypsilanti.

The strong relationship between CUAA and Fortis Academy is further evidenced by the significant presence of CUAA alumni among the staff at Fortis. Many of our graduates have found rewarding careers at Fortis Academy, bringing with them the values and expertise instilled during their time at CUAA. Current CUAA students often will do their student teaching or observation hours there. Together, CUAA alumni, current students, and Fortis Academy staff are shaping the future of education and making a positive impact in the lives of countless students.

CUAA and Fortis Academy’s relationship

Fortis Academy’s partnership with Concordia University Ann Arbor (CUAA) is instrumental in shaping education. With a diverse student body, Fortis provides CUAA students varied experiences from freshman years to clinical training. Principal Erin Dixon’s support is crucial, and Concordia alumni at Fortis bring valuable knowledge. Both institutions strengthen ties through fieldwork, student teaching, and collaboration, producing top-quality candidates and exemplifying excellence in education and community collaboration.

Working with other CUAA grads at Fortis

At Fortis Academy, CUAA alumni have the opportunity to work alongside fellow alumni and collaborate together. They also have the chance to impact incoming education students from Concordia, helping them understand various school settings. The strong relationship between CUAA and Fortis facilitates a seamless transition from CUAA to Fortis.

Advice for future educators

Here’s some alumni advice to enhance your education journey! Remember, don’t take anything personally, whether it comes from parents or students. Teaching is about bettering the lives of those around you, so stay focused on your purpose. And remember, patience is key.

Want in?

The Concordia University Ann Arbor School of Education offers several education programs in undergraduate, graduate, state of Michigan endorsements, and more. Depending on the program, courses are offered both face-to-face and in an online 8-week format to serve your career goals at every step. Visit “programs and degrees” to learn more about the variety of programs available.