Looking for places to study before finals next week? We have some ideas for you!

The end of the semester is sneaking up on us. Maybe you are looking for a new place to study for your upcoming finals, perfect you ask!

Below you will find a list of unique study spots on campus that students use every day!

Zimmerman Library

If you are looking for a quiet place to complete some homework and finish studying for that exam, the library is perfect for you.

Student lounge in the Nest

Looking for a place to work while you eat? The nest is perfect for you! You can grab a snack or a quick sandwich to eat while you work here, located in the student union.


Looking for a quiet spot to work with a small group? Head over to the CMAX, next to the game room. There are a few desks and chairs, along with a whiteboard to help you study and plan out your project!

The common area (CA) in your dorm

If you don’t want to walk over to the main campus, you own common area in your dorm works perfectly! There are many different chairs and a few tables to use to get your work done!

Student lounge in Kreft Arts

On the west end of the Kreft Arts building lays the student lounge. This lounge is the perfect place to relax between classes, hang out with friends, and get some work done!

Academic Resource Center (ARC)

The Academic Resource Center is located in the Zimmerman Library. Along with a quiet place to finish up some homework, the ARC also provides other services including writing assistance and tutoring in many different classes.

Although everyone has their own preferences when it comes to studying, there are always more options to consider! Utilize this list as you begin studying for your final exams! Less than two weeks away from summer break, but who is even counting?

Want in?

CUAA is proud to offer a multitude of different spots on campus for students to work diligently. Click here for more information.