Get to know Erin Laverick, English professor at CUAA.

Six years

I’m an English professor, so this is a really hard question. There are so many good books, but I would have to say, either Wuthering Heights or The Giving Tree. I decided to major in English literature after reading Wuthering Heights. And I read The Giving Tree to my children when they were little. I love the message of the story and how it speaks to an audience of all ages. The illustrations are simple yet profound. It’s just a beautiful moving piece of literature.

Without getting too deep -a recent diagnosis and treatment for breast cancer. I came out of this challenge a survivor and a much stronger person.

“You are My Sunshine”

“Heesh.” I’m not even sure how to spell it. My youngest brother could not say Erin, so he called me Heesh. For whatever reason it stuck.

Want in?

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