NOW is a great time to join the Concordia University Wisconsin and Ann Arbor community. Effective August 28, 2023, we are reducing the cost per credit of some of our most popular graduate and adult accelerated programs by up to $100/credit.

This reduction is offered in several of our most sought-after programs, including MBA, Master of Science in Leadership, and Master of Science in Business Analytics. In addition, working professionals enrolled in select accelerated undergraduate programs will also experience some financial relief through reduced tuition. Eligible programs include Business Management, Human Resources, Applied Computer Science, Education, Social Work, and more. (See below for a complete list of programs.)

MBA/MSL/GRADUATE PROGRAMS WAS: $799/credit | NOW: $699/credit

ADULT ACCELERATED UNDERGRAD WAS: $559/credit | NOW: $475/credit

For some undergraduate programs, this reduction could mean $10,000 or more in savings. 

“Concordia is blessed to be very financially stable,” assures Dr. Michael Uden, Vice Provost of Studen

Through strategic fiscal reallocation, Concordia is able to extend this reduction to working professionals to help eliminate financial barriers to their academic persistence. For some undergraduate programs, this reduction could mean $10,000 or more in savings.

Accelerated success

At Concordia, we’ve long been a pioneer in helping students juggling work and family needs. And now we’re going even further.

Since 1881, we’ve built a solid reputation as a financially stable institution here for the long haul. At a time when other local institutions are struggling, we have a thriving student body and a growing endowment.

Real-world savings

Consider someone like Rebekah. A successful account manager by day, she’s pursuing her Concordia MBA by night. In her next class, she’ll earn three credits over eight weeks. At $100 off per credit, she’ll save $300 over those two months—or $150 per month for her and her family to spend as they see fit. Over the course of her degree, that adds up to thousands of dollars to keep in her pocket.

Tailor-made teaching

At Concordia, all of our accelerated undergrad and graduate programs are offered in a variety of formats, including:

  • Online: Self-paced for maximum flexibility
  • Virtual: Meet with teachers and classmates via Zoom

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Eligible programs

Accelerated undergraduate

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Associate degrees

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At Concordia University Ann Arbor, we seek to meet learners where they are, creating innovative lifelong learning opportunities that provide high-impact, flexible, accessible, transformational learning experiences for all through their life span—whether a youth, young adult, working professional or those on their retirement journey—in accordance with and advancement of Concordia’s mission.