Well done, good and faithful servants!

Concordia University Ann Arbor and Wisconsin bids farewell to 11 employees in 2023—four faculty and seven staff. Collectively, these employees devoted more than 200 years to the university. The retirees, whose official end dates span from July 2022 to June 2023, are listed below in descending order of longest tenure.


Brad Condie
Professor of Business Marketing

32 years

Carrie Bath-Scheel
Professor of Occupational Therapy

27 years

Kathleen Kremer
Professor of Education

14 years

Wanda Routier
Associate Professor of Education

11 years


Thomas Phillip
Vice President of IT

26 years

Heidi Tupper
Student Engagement Specialist

23 years

Tammy Ferry
Executive Director Institutional Effectiveness

22 years

Jayne Petersen
Financial Aid Counselor

17 years

Sandra Hannemann
Human Resources Agreement Manager

12 years

James Duncan
Graduate Nursing Coordinator/Advisor

12 years

Dan Brieschke
Director of Institutional Effectiveness

12 years

Please note that a few retirees asked not to be publicly recognized. Therefore this list is not complete.

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