Congratulations to David Smalls, a senior Justice and Public Policy major and Tyler Groth, Doctorate in Physical Therapy student on being the students of the month for March!

When making Students of the Month nominations, we consider students’ achievements in the classroom, their leadership, demonstration of ethics and Christian character and their involvement in extracurricular activities.

David Smalls:

In light of the extraordinary leadership demonstrated by David during this trying time in the semester, he seems to be an obvious choice for student of the month. I’ve had the privilege of working with David over his time here at CUAA. Not only is he an example of engaged, difference-making student leadership (e.g., RA, SGA President), he is someone who is devoted to excelling in his studies. He has served numerous internships, including in the office of the Brooklyn District Attorney (NY). His internship with the New York State Attorney General’s office was cut short for health reasons as he recovered from surgery last summer. However, the NYAG’s office has asked him to return to serve as an intern for the summer of 2024. David is an exemplary representative of CUAA in all areas.

Nominated by Stephen Hendrix

Tyler Groth:

  • As a developing professional Tyler has been and continues to juggle multiple roles as a graduate student in his personal and academic life. He does this while displaying a steady sense of calm, this is contagious. His dedication to his classmates, the athletes he serves at CUAA, and his academic work are commendable. Nominated by Dr. Frampton
  • Tyler Groth is one of the students in the inaugural DPT cohort here at CUAA. Not only has he proven himself to be an excellent student, he has demonstrated himself to be an asset for others along the way. He does well with a challenging curriculum while balancing his responsibilities for coaching hockey here at CUAA. He routinely engages in classroom activities showing himself to be both a leader among his peers and a support person to them as well. He demonstrates professionalism, positivity and respect beyond what I would expect for where he is at within the DPT program. He volunteers to participate in faculty research endeavors as well as assisting with admissions for prospective students. Finally, he serves as the president of his cohort serving in an important role in which he connects learners with faculty. Tyler exemplifies all that would be expected of someone who represents the CUAA Student of the Month. Nominated by Dr. Steele
  • Mr. Groth has exemplified charismatic devotion both as a Christ-centered and an intellectual student that hones in on his leadership abilities among his cohort. Mr. Groth is well-rounded and already demonstrates his compassion for others while battling his own adversity. Mr. Groth continues to grow toward University and PT program goals of becoming a Christ centered practitioner. Nominated by Dr. Long
  • Tyler consistently presents himself and his cohort professionally. Tyler leads by example and displays compassion for success in the physical therapy program. He actively participates in class, performs timely assignments at a high level, and demonstrates an excellent balance of academics while working. Nominated by Dr. Kieffer
  • Tyler is not only an exceptional student in a rigorous doctoral program, but he is also an exceptional leader. He creates a sense of community and belonging within his cohort and is encouraging, especially during these stressful times for our campus. He manages a coaching job while in our program and doesn’t seem to miss a beat. He stays organized and motivated, demonstrating his unwavering commitment to the program and his future as a PT. Nominated by Dr. Dunsford

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