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Settling into your dorm room is an exciting time for students at Concordia University Ann Arbor, so here are a few hacks to make your space even better!

In case you missed it, we introduced the Resident Assistants for the 2021-22 academic year. Each of them shared their best hack for living in CUAA’s resident halls. We summarized them for you!

Extra Lighting

The dorm rooms at CUAA have a single light built into the wall across from the window, but anyone who has lived on campus before would recommend an extra lamp or string of lights to have. During the day, the natural light is enough to keep the room lit but when you are up until midnight finishing homework last minute, the room can get dim with just a singular light. A desk lamp will be your friend to ensure you don’t fall asleep during your late night studying.

Stay Comfy!

The first few months on campus can be pretty hot, and although the resident halls have air conditioning, a mini fan could be helpful to keep you cool at night. Although those Michigan summers are warm, the winters can be even more intense. Just a few minute walk from the Cafe and back could be enough to send you into shivers, so we recommend brining a few extra of your favorite blankets with you to campus. The most important thing is that you stay comfortable throughout the school year, so bring what you need to make your dorm feel like your home away from home!

Stash Your Favorite Snacks

Most of the time, students get their food from the Cafe and the Nest, but sometimes you may not feeling like walking over there. So having snacks and meals available to you in your room will be important. Each resident hall comes with a community fridge that is available for use to all the residents in the hall, but having a mini fridge in your room will be a great addition so you can keep all your favorite foods in an easy reach. If you are a coffee lover, don’t forget about a Keurig or any other coffee supplies to keep you caffeinated! Other students enjoy having their own microwave, although the common areas also provide one available to the residents of the hall.

Don’t Forget to Decorate

It is extremely beneficial for your experience at CUAA when you are comfortable and think of your room as your home during the school year. One of the best and easiest ways to decorate your dorm is using pictures of family, friends, and all of your favorite things and taping them to your walls. String lights and LED lights can easily be lined along the corners of the room with command hooks, which will also be your best friend when decorating. Another recommendation is bringing a cork board, or something that can easily hold pictures, to hang on your wall and fill up some extra space (plus bringing you smiles when you see pictures of your favorite people)!

Complete Packing List

The Residence Life team has put together a complete list for all of your resident hall shopping and planning. Happy packing!

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— Ellesyn Fritcha ('24) is a student writer majoring in biomedical science. Questions or concerns related to this article may be directed to

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