Congratulations to CUAA’s October Students of the Month, Undergraduate Abigail Lupescu and Graduate Larissa Kilgore!

When making Students of the Month nominations, we consider students’ achievements in the classroom, their leadership, demonstration of ethics and Christian character and their involvement in extracurricular activities.

Abigail Lupescu:

Abby is pursuing a degree in music education. Over the summer, she dedicated a significant amount of her time to assisting with various Kreft projects. Abby actively recruited students for the theatre and music departments and played a crucial role in maintaining and cleaning various facility spaces. Her enthusiasm and willingness to lend a hand whenever help was needed make her an invaluable member of our community. Abby is an active member of the theatre ambassadors, where she dedicates her time to supporting the department through fundraising, organizing activities, and assisting with recruitment efforts. Not only is she an excellent student, but she’s also a great friend to others.

Nominated by Amanda Williams

Larissa Kilgore:

Larissa is working toward a graduate degree in Occupational Therapy. She embodies the qualities of an exceptional student and a future CUAA occupational therapist. Larissa consistently engages at a high level with both faculty and peers to grasp and integrate her coursework. Two standout qualities of Larissa include her full participation in simulation events and her consistent ability to motivate her peers. During this summer’s disaster simulation, Larissa emerged as a natural leader, demonstrating her ability to remain calm amid chaos and efficiently directing others to ensure the prompt and effective treatment of all injured victims. In terms of motivating her peers, Larissa regularly surprises her colleagues and faculty with her beautifully handcrafted items, fostering appreciation and positivity within the CUAA Occupational Therapy program.

Nominated by Juliane Chreston

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