Concordia Center for the Family has inducted a new Executive Director on January 16.

In the Chapel of the Holy Trinity on January 16, the Rev. Dr. Todd Biermann was formally installed as the new Executive Director of Concordia Center for the Family. With an impressive 33-year tenure as a parish pastor in the LCMS and the completion of his D.Min. degree in Christian marriage in 2012, Biermann brings a wealth of experience and academic expertise to his new role. Since 2006, he and his wife have been dedicated to presenting Marriage in God’s Way seminars worldwide, showcasing their commitment to strengthening families globally. As he steps into this significant position, Reverend Biermann is poised to deepen his dedication to walking alongside Jesus in service to the families held dear by our Lord.

What is Concordia Center for the Family?

Concordia Center for the Family, having begun its ten-plus-year history at Concordia University in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is a devoted Family Discipleship Ministry.  That means they seek to open the door for Christ’s gifts to create faith in and through families with church support. CCF strives to be a source of inspiration and encouragement. Their earnest prayer is to partner with more and more leaders in our LCMS and beyond to foster a new fervor for family discipleship.

At the core of Concordia Center for the Family is the ambition to empower and motivate agencies, organizations, and churches. Their objective is to amplify the capabilities of these entities, equipping them to effectively support families. This collective effort is driven by a greater purpose – the advancement of the Gospel through the thriving and flourishing of families.

Want to volunteer?

Concordia Center for the Family thrives on a diverse volunteer base including Directors of Family Life Ministry, Certified Family Life Educators (CFLEs), pastors, teachers and passionate lay leaders from local congregations in the Michigan District and beyond. These dedicated volunteers actively engage with families, offering expertise in areas like parent education and marriage enrichment. CCF strives to supply them with the knowledge, attitudes and skills needed to build a robust family discipleship ministry. This partnership empowers family discipleship leaders to effectively serve congregations and families within the church. If you’d like to learn more about how YOU can get involved in this effort to raise future generations as disciples of Jesus, please contact Dr. Biermann at He’d love to hear from you!