Meet Abby Lupescu (’25) from Lutheran Westland, majoring in K-12 Music Education.

Why should someone from Lutheran Westland consider CUAA?

The environment at CUAA is very similar to that of LHWL. Everything is Christ-centered, not just at Chapel, but in classwork and jobs on campus as well. One thing that I really enjoy about Concordia is how connected everything is and how close we all are. It’s so easy to make new friends and find people who are just like you!

How did Lutheran Westland prepare you for life after high school?

I was in a lot of clubs and leadership positions while I was at LHWL. Learning how to take initiative in something other than schoolwork was a great skill that I learned and helped me as I got to college and had to live alone. Also, it has helped me tremendously with my work ethic and organization.

What has been the impact of a Lutheran education in your life?

Lutheran education has been a part of my life since preschool. I have been very blessed to have that opportunity throughout my life and to learn and grow with Christ. Having a Lutheran education has ensured that I’m hearing about God’s love and grace for us almost every day, and that reminder has been wonderful.

Has there been any teachers and or professors who have made an impact on you? Please explain.

I’m the type of student to take on as much work as possible and I easily get overwhelmed and stressed out because of it. The teachers who made the most impact on my education were the ones who treated me like I wasn’t just another student. The ones who took time out of their day to sit and listen to me had the biggest impact on my life. They reminded me that I can’t be perfect and I need to pace myself and enjoy my time in high school, not to leave every day stressed out.

What is the most underrated element of CUAA?

I have participated in many drama performances at both LHWL and CUAA. I have really enjoyed the plays I have been a part of and we are always looking for more people to participate. I think a lot of students would be surprised at how much fun they would have if they gave acting a try.

What is your favorite spot on campus?

I often find myself sitting in the nest for several reasons. It is a great spot to get something to eat, focus and get some homework done, and enjoy some of the CUAA scenery outside. At some parts of the day, it can get quiet there. On top of that, it is right on central campus, so it is never too far of a walk to get there.

What drew you to Concordia?

In addition to my many friends on campus, continuing my Christ-centered education was the main reason I decided to attend CUAA. I spent a year of college at GVSU, and after a semester there I began to feel very disconnected from home, my friends, and most importantly, myself. Finding a place where I could connect those things along with keeping Christ at the center of my life was something I didn’t know I needed until attending a big school like Grand Valley.

What has been your favorite class here at CUAA and why?

So far, I have really enjoyed being a part of the music program here at Concordia. I had been involved in music since I was little, and Concordia allowed me to focus on my talents and teach me about how music works. My favorite classes are my music classes, where the classes are small and the program is so hands-on and engaging.

Want in?

Strengthen your faith through the transformative power of music by pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Music Education at Concordia. In this program, you will not only delve into education courses but also engage in intensive music instruction covering theory and application. Collaborating closely with the Department of Music, you’ll acquire the skills to educate students of all ages, instilling in them the fundamentals to share joy through the art of song. As a music education major, you’ll benefit from field experiences in both elementary and secondary schools, and upon completion, you’ll be eligible to apply for a secondary education certificate in additional majors or minors of your choice.