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Looking for a DBA program? Check out what the student experience looks like in CUAA's DBA program.

What can you expect as a DBA student?

When researching DBA programs, it’s important to know what to expect. Community-driven and student-focused – these are the priorities of Concordia University Ann Arbor’s DBA student experience. Creating Christian leaders and fostering connections are central to the identity of this program and are shown in many ways.


During the program, as a student, you’ll participate in two on-campus residencies at our Wisconsin campus. Residency offers an opportunity for in-person connection with your cohort as well as Concordia faculty and staff. The relationships that you build during residency create a unique community throughout the program. When asked about the impact of residency, current students have shared that connecting with peers was the highlight of the experience. Residency provides an opportunity to build and grow a network of support in the program and beyond.

Faculty accessibility

Our DBA faculty strongly believes in the importance of fostering a sense of connection with their students. You’ll be able to meet with faculty during residency and start to form relationships that will last throughout the program. Faculty also hold regular virtual meetings with their classes in order to cultivate deeper connections and answer questions.

Faith community

Faith is the foundation of our online DBA program. Therefore, we integrate our Lutheran identity and values within our programs. We welcome and respect all viewpoints, and allow many opportunities to have meaningful conversations. At Concordia, your faith and knowledge will flourish because we care about your mind, body, and spirit, to help you reach your fullest potential.

DBA students are also welcome to deepen their connection with others during daily chapel. Chapel messages center on encouraging our students through themes of hope, perseverance, and peace. Everyone is welcome to join in person or via a live stream option.

Meetings with the program director

On a regular basis, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in check-in meetings with the program director. We want to give you direct access to share your thoughts, experiences, and feedback. We hope to reaffirm that you’re essential to the Concordia learning community.

Campus community and resources

DBA students are an important part of our campus community. During residency, you’ll get to explore our beautiful Wisconsin campus on 200 acres of lakefront property on Lake Michigan. Then you have the opportunity to interact with a variety of departments and campus officials. As a DBA student, you’ll have access to numerous campus resources such as:

Student-led community

Without fail, every DBA cohort has taken the initiative to form their own cohort Facebook group. Students have also connected with each other via LinkedIn and group texts. This is another opportunity for students to build a sense of community. These activities are completely student-driven and continue to be a source of friendship and support.

Concordia’s DBA program not only offers rigorous courses but also many opportunities to connect and learn from others. Throughout the program, you will have access to resources and professionals in the field to support you along the way. Although every student experience is slightly different, we strive to make sure that yours helps you reach your goals.

Want to learn more?

If you want to hear directly from our students, check out our doctorate student experience webinar. We are currently accepting applications for the Spring 2023 (January) cohort. Click the link below to learn more about our application process.


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