Concordia University Ann Arbor is pleased to announce another record enrollment year, driven by the highest-ever number of freshmen and new transfer students.

According to fall 2023 census data, total enrollment at CUAA has increased to 1,351 students (a new record), up from 1,201 (the previous record) from fall 2022, an increase of 12.5%. At the undergraduate level, CUAA is up 95 students from last year, a solid 10% increase. Graduate student enrollment has increased by 55 students, a 22% jump. Perhaps most significantly, a record 354 new freshmen and new transfer students are enrolled for the coming academic year, a 36% increase over last year.

Together with an increase among new students and graduate populations at the Wisconsin campus, Concordia University Wisconsin and Ann Arbor has grown in overall enrollment this year by 4%.

“Enrollment is a team effort,” said Kyle Thoms, director of enrollment services for CUAA. “The continued growth at CUAA is a credit to the hard work of our enrollment counselors and support staff. The support we receive in our recruitment efforts from administration, staff, faculty, students, alumni, our partnership high schools as well as our church partners also plays a vital role. Prospective families experience Concordia’s mission through the collaborative recruitment efforts.”

CUAA Enrollment, Fall 2023:

  • Undergraduate                 1,044
    • Trad. Undergrad     920
    • Accel. Undergrad     18
    • High School           106
  • Graduate/Professional      307
  • CUAA Totals                        1,351

Since CUAA merged with Concordia University Wisconsin in 2013, total enrollment at CUAA has increased an impressive 80%, from just 749 students in the fall of 2013.

“We give thanks to God, who has given us more opportunities to serve more students this year,” said Rev. Dr. Ryan Peterson, vice president of administration for CUAA. “We are a campus that is faithful to our Lutheran identity and growing in multiple ways.”

Another way the school is growing is in the number of students living on campus. CUAA’s 16 residence halls are at a combined 94% capacity, thanks to the record number of new students.

“In this difficult higher education environment, with many challenges and headwinds facing colleges and universities, another year of record enrollment speaks to the persistent and dedicated work of our faculty, staff, and many friends of the University,” Peterson added. “Every day we have moments to live out our mission in the enduring hope that is ours in Christ.”

Program Growth Continues

Among the programs seeing the biggest jumps in enrollment are undergraduate Athletic Training, the undergraduate General Business major, and the new Doctor of Physical Therapy program.

  • Program                     Fall ‘23         Fall ‘22         Increase 
  • Athletic Training           35                  19                84%
  • General Business         119                79                51%
  • Doctor of PT (new)       21                 n/a                n/a               

In addition, growth continues in Kreft Fine Arts, as well, with both the theater and music programs showing healthy increases in enrollment. The number of students participating in the Wind Ensemble, Orchestra, and Choir, for example, has increased to 129, up nearly 50% from last year. “From any records I can find, this is the largest band and orchestra we have had during the history of CUAA,” said Dr. William Perrine, associate professor of music for CUAA.

Meanwhile, student participation in the Fall Play and Spring Musical has grown significantly, with 75 or more students expected to take part in productions this academic year, according to Amanda Williams, director of theatre and director of the Kreft Arts Program for CUAA.

Growth in numbers, growth in faith

While Concordia is dependent upon tuition dollars derived, in part, from enrollees, its driving force remains its commitment to “helping students develop in mind, body, and spirit for service to Christ in the Church and the world.” Results of a university-conducted survey administered to May 2023 graduates show the university is making good on its mission:

  • 89% of graduates agreed that they are better prepared to serve and lead by putting the needs of others first.
  • 89% agreed that their academic program helped them to develop skills to be successful.
  • 83% agreed that their time at Concordia helped them better understand their calling and purpose in life.

“While numerical growth is important, the most vital aspect of this statistic is the privilege we have of serving more students with our Christ-centered Lutheran mission,” Peterson emphasized.

New programs since the merger

Since the two universities became one, CUAA has added more than two dozen undergraduate programs and over a dozen graduate programs, including the campus’ first doctoral programs. The most recent include:

New undergraduate programs

New graduate programs

New athletic programs

Athletics and other co-curricular offerings play an important role in the recruitment equation. More than 70 percent of CUAA’s undergraduate population participated in one or more athletic programs in 2021-22. Since 2012, CUAA has added 13 new programs and made significant improvements to several of its athletic fields.

  • 2012 – Bowling (Men’s and Women’s)
  • 2012 – Football
  • 2012 – Competitive Cheer
  • 2012 – Competitive Dance
  • 2014 – Women’s tennis
  • 2015 – Men’s tennis
  • 2016 – Lacrosse (Men’s and Women’s)
  • 2018 – Ice Hockey (Men’s)
  • 2019 – Ice Hockey (Women’s)
  • 2019 – E-Sports
  • 2021 – STUNT

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