End of year giving

Your generous support helps our students cover some of the costs of their education so that they can focus on becoming prepared to serve Christ in the Church and the world.

Editors note: This letter is written by Rev. Dr. Roy Peterson, President of the Concordia University Foundation. Learn more about the Concordia Fund here.

End of Year Giving

May the joy and light of this Christmas season be with you and your family. Here at Concordia University, we are ready and awaiting the birth of our Savior. The semester is winding down as we pause and reflect on Concordia’s many blessings, not least of which are our alumni, donors, partners, and friends such as you.

In the spirit of Charles Dickens’ classic tale, A Christmas Carol, I invite you to reflect with me on Christmas past, present, and future at Concordia University. I recently asked some of our current and former faculty and staff members to share why Christmas time at Concordia is special to them.

Christmas points us to God’s gift of His Son

Christmas at ConcordiaWhen we think about Christmas past at Concordia, a common theme surfaces, namely that above all else, Christmas points us to God’s gift of His Son, given for us. It’s that gift that gives Christmas its true meaning. Dr. Joey-Lynn Bialkowski-Peterson, executive director of the Office of Career Engagement and Industry Relations, shares her unique perspective:

“I am blessed to have an office with a view of the Chapel of the Holy Trinity, which is beautiful to gaze at every day. BUT, as Christmas approaches and our campus Christmas tree is placed, the lights illuminate and chapel bells chime. That is the moment my Christmas spirit overflows with merriment knowing the birth of our Lord Jesus is near.”

Christmas traditions resume in 2021

In the present, 2021 is a special time on our Concordia campuses. After the disruptions caused by the pandemic last year, we are thrilled to be able to again welcome our alumni, parents, and friends back to campus for our Christmas musical celebrations. These joyous occasions are part of what makes Concordia distinctive, yes, even uncommon. Retired faculty member and one of the original founders of our Boar’s Head Festival, Paul “Doc” Foelber, reflects:

“Every Christmas I think of the Boar’s Head Festival. Its words and music declare the magnificent love of God who gave His Son into the world—whose life and death gives forgiveness to all believers.”

While the rest of the world is consumed with on-time delivery and supply chain bottlenecks, we relax in the true gifts of the season and give thanks to God.

Your generous support helps our students

And the future? By God’s grace, we have been able to provide students with an overtly Christ-centered education as they prepare for one of the many vocations Concordia offers. But without a doubt, we could not do it without you. Your generous support helps our students cover some of the costs of their education so that they can focus on becoming prepared to serve Christ in the Church and the world.

You are an important part of our past, present, and future. Your gift today will help ensure that students can continue to grow in mind, body, and spirit. While many very worthy ministries will seek your support this season, my request is simply that you prayerfully consider how you can best be a blessing to the next generation of future pastors, teachers, and other professionals who are called to serve.

A very blessed and joy-filled Christmas to you and those you love.

In His service,

Rev. Dr. Roy Peterson

President, Concordia University Foundation

P.S. – Your gift today will bless our students both now and into the future.

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“…The fact that we get to celebrate this life-giving, awe-inspiring season together as a Concordia family each year is the most special part of it all!”

—Rachel Thoms, communications

“Christmas time at Concordia has always been a time of contrasts for me. The quiet of the first snow falling across the campus and the whoops of students in a snowball fight. The hushed stillness and darkness in the Chapel during Boar’s Head, followed by the blazing light and cheering crowd, as we all acknowledge the Light of the World, our savior Jesus Christ. At this time especially, Concordia is a place I want to be.”

—Dr. Mark Looker, retired faculty

End of Year Giving

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