Why I love CUAA

There's a multitude of reasons why I love calling Concordia University Ann Arbor my home, but here are my top 5 reasons!

Why I love CUAATop college town

Time and time again, Ann Arbor has been rated top college town in the United States for all the things it has to offer. I can assure you, that reigns true! When I first moved to Ann Arbor for school from Indiana, I never found myself running out of options for things to do. There are endless local restaurants to visit that you will never get tired of trying and shops for you to explore around town. Even when you think you have seen everything in Ann Arbor (impossible, in my opinion), the city of Ypsilanti is only a 5-minute drive away which offers many amazing things, too! My friends and I are constantly creating new memories because of all the opportunities this town has to offer.

Why I love CUAAChrist-centered education

There is nothing better than being surrounded by peers who love and want to praise Jesus just as much as you. Besides Daily Chapel services, there is so many opportunities to learn and grow in your faith. Athletes in Action is a great opportunity to join a Bible study group with friends and those wanting to learn more about God’s Word. Even in a diverse amount of courses, the professors make it known that our priority is to be shown God’s love and how we can use our gifts after we graduate and begin our vocations.

Why I love CUAAAlways friendly faculty and staff members

In every class I have taken at CUAA, the professors are more than eager to help and genuinely want to know if you’re doing well. I rarely have a class where the professor is not laughing with the students and brightening their mood. Whenever I walk into an academic building, I always see a current or pass professor who smiles and says hi to me, no matter how long ago I had them in class! They are always willing to accommodate to my schedule, and help make my life as a student-athlete a little easier.

Why I love CUAAAthletics

What first caught my eye when looking into CUAA was the opportunity to continue to play the sports I love. Coming in as a freshman, I was being recruited for both basketball and tennis. I was worried about being able to play both at the collegiate level, but both coaches were more than willing to work with each other and with me to find a schedule that works. While playing sports at CUAA, I have learned to appreciate my athletics abilities, find forever-friends in my teammates, and so many lessons that I will forever be thankful for. I wish it would never end!

Why I love CUAAWelcoming community

Not only are the faculty and staff members the friendliest I have ever met, but the community as a whole makes me feel like I am meant to be here every single day. Any time you take a walk on campus, you always find someone who is going to give you a smile and say hi to you. The opportunities to get involved on campus are endless, too. I am a part of many clubs and leadership teams, and I also see different opportunities to get involved just about every day around campus. Everyone on campus makes you feel like you’re at home, and I am forever grateful for that!

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— Ellesyn Fritcha ('24) is a student writer majoring in biomedical science. Questions or concerns related to this article may be directed to news@cuaa.edu.

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