International Education Week 2018

No matter if a student is from up the road or across the globe, students agree that Concordia University Ann Arbor feels like home.

This week, colleges and universities throughout the nation are celebrating International Education Week (IEW) as an opportunity to celebrate the benefits of international education and exchange worldwide.

“International Education Week is just one of the many ways we prepare students to become global citizens empowered with international knowledge, skills and experiences,” said International Student Specialist Svetlana who joined CUAA’s staff in February 2018. 

In addition to events planned across campus to celebrate IEW, we took a moment to hear from some of CUAA’s international students to hear why they chose to study here, plans after graduation, and fun facts about their countries of origin.

Alexander Hauge

Alexander Hauge (’21)

Oslo, Norway
Sport and Entertainment Business
What is your favorite thing about being a Concordia student?

I enjoy the whole experience, it feels like a real home and already know so many people on campus.

Fun facts about Norway?

Norway is always ranked #1 in the Winter Olympics and has brown cheese that tastes like unsweetened caramel.

Misa Nakamura

Misa Nakamura (’21)

Mie, Japan
Family Life, Child Life Specialist
How do you plan to use your Concordia degree?

After I graduate, I plan on taking the child life certification exam and returning to Japan to work as a child life specialist in a hospital. There are only a few dozen child life specialists in the entire country of Japan.

Fun facts about Japan?

We don’t eat sushi every day, though the cheap sushi is still good! Japan is about the size of California and you can get anywhere in the country without a car.

Srinath Kasturi

Srinath Kasturi (’19)

Vizag, India
Master of Science in Computer Science
What made you chose to study at Concordia?

My undergraduate professor recommended Concordia to me. Many other students from my undergraduate school have come to Concordia because there is a lot of practical exposure in whatever subject you want to study.

Fun facts about India?

Cricket is the most popular sport in India. Also, there are many annual festivals in India such as Diwali, Festival of Light.

Wendy Wang
Wendy Wang (’19)
Inner Mongolia, China
Master of Science in Educational Leadership
What is your favorite thing about being a Concordia student?

The campus is very peaceful, and everyone knows each other which makes communication easier. Also, I like the Christian-based environment even though I was not a Christian before coming to Concordia.

Fun facts about China?

Chinese people love the color red because it represents luck and positivity. And, Chinese territory is huge and although the same language is spoken throughout the country, there are regional accents based on where you are.

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— Photography by Allie Milot (’21)

— Rachel Thoms served on Concordia University's Strategic Communications team from 2015-2022. Any inquiries about this story can be sent to

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