Hear from a few 2024 MSCI with Teacher Certification graduates as they share their experiences and offer advice for incoming students.

Daniel Patrick

“I would tell anyone interested in pursuing this program that one of the most important things you can do is to lean on others. When they have questions, are confused, or need ideas, they are not alone. The same way that we as teachers are called to collaborate and work together is the way that they should treat this program. There is a wealth of knowledge and experience in our professors and a wealth of fervor and passion in our cohort. This program is also full of so many resources and made me feel so much more equipped and ready for the classroom.”

Ackim Mpofu

“The best aspect of this program  is that it had a practical component to it. With other programs, you just learn theory and practical work often is missing. Experiential learning, like I experienced in this program, is crucial to training individuals to be valuable members of society. It’s good to learn how to think practically as that gives what it feels like in real life rather than theoretically. This has given me confidence to know when I am put into the field, I know what I am doing.”

Katherine Hackbarth

“I feel as though I have grown personally through becoming more confident in myself and in my teaching. I have been able to really view myself for who I am in Christ and how He has blessed me through this process.  He has placed people in my life to help me along this journey. I thank God for all of the blessings He has poured on me.  The Bible verses that are posted each week are very encouraging. I always make sure to read them and spend some time in God’s Word before starting the work for that week.”

Jen Bruning

“I have definitely changed as an educator within this program. Coming into this program, I have worked in classrooms for over 6 years. Even though you are in the classroom you still don’t get to understand all of the nuances of being an educator. This program has helped me to put the missing pieces together. The discussion posts have helped me to see other’s perspectives on topics and be able to ask questions. It has also inspired me to ask questions of my colleagues and caused some great discussions while at work.”

Mike Hodge

“I feel I have a lot more confidence than I did when I first stepped foot into the classroom as a substitute teacher and started this program. I was pretty nervous for the first few months floating around each day to a new school and classroom. The combination of taking courses and using that information in the various classrooms that I was teaching in allowed me to gain confidence and has helped me to get through the daily challenges of teaching.”

Ana Galindo

“The best aspect of the program is that I was able to complete my student teaching in my own classroom. The program was exceptionally well-structured and organized. The professors were incredibly supportive throughout the program. The provided resources provided were both engaging and beneficial. The assignments and discussion forums equipped me with all the necessary knowledge and confidence to take charge of my own classroom.”

Want in?

Interested in a shift in your career? Concordia’s teacher certification programs allows you to earn your elementary and secondary teacher certification. Our flexible post-baccalaureate programs makes it so you can continue working while completing your coursework, with the flexibility to complete student teaching at a school local to you. Combining your teaching certification with a master’s in curriculum instruction (MSCI) can set you apart in the field, with an added bonus of being eligible for financial aid!