Angelina Haisha’s inspiring journey from facing challenges to successfully launching a clothing brand, driven by her resilience, faith, and commitment to spreading hope and faith.

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In the world of entrepreneurship, stories of triumph over adversity are not uncommon. Yet, there are those whose journeys stand out as beacons of inspiration. One such story is that of Angelina Haisha whose path to success has been shaped by resilience, faith, and a deep commitment to spreading light in the darkness.

Navigating Challenges and Pursuing Passion

A senior graduating from Concordia University Ann Arbor with a marketing degree and a sports business minor, Angelina’s journey to CUAA was not a straightforward one. While she was in high school, her father was battling cancer, which made CUAA feel out of reach. “With the cost of my father’s treatments, I didn’t want to add another expense for my family,” explained Angelina. “So Rochester University was a better fit at the time.” Despite this setback, she transferred to CUAA in her junior year, driven by unwavering faith and a desire to pursue her dreams.

Her trust in a higher power guided her path, leading her to form a bond with the current Women’s Basketball Head Coach, Elyse Schlump, while she was still at Rochester. She was able to transfer and continue playing the sport she loves. At CUAA, Angelina’s experiences were transformative, providing her with opportunities to develop both academically and athletically. Participating in CULaunch, a Concordia program that helps students start businesses further fueled her entrepreneurial aspirations.

Honoring a Father’s Legacy and Finding Purpose

Tragically, Angelina lost her father to cancer, but the foundation of faith laid by her parents, especially her dad, gave her strength to navigate life’s challenges. “My dad was my biggest supporter,” she fondly recalls. “Even amidst his sufferings, he found light in the darkness.”

And from her pain emerged a purpose—a desire to spread hope and faith through their family-owned business, God Above All 8:12. “We wanted to provide a light for others and share our story,” Angelina explained .

She also found solace in the idea that her father’s legacy would live on, inspiring others to find strength and hope in adversity. This transformative experience fueled Angelina’s determination to turn her pain into purpose, a beacon of light for those who may be walking a similar path.

Empowering Through Resilient Entrepreneurship

Driven by a shared vision to make a positive impact, Angelina and her brother embarked on a courageous journey to establish a clothing brand that not only embodies their beliefs but also inspires others. “We wanted to share the Word of God, especially in a world that really needs it right now,” Angelina explains.

Through CULaunch, Angelina was able to hone her business acumen, cultivate essential skills, and form meaningful business connections. Winning the pitch secured $2,000 for Angelina and her brother, serving as vital seed funding. It also equipped them to navigate the complexities of launching their brand and bolstered their sense of confidence and determination.

The path to entrepreneurship is never without its obstacles. “It was our first time, and we have never done anything like this before, so we weren’t sure what to expect,” Angelina admits. Yet, with the unwavering support of their family, mentors, and the guidance they received guided by their unwavering faith.

As they reflect on the success of their first launch, Angelina and her brother are filled with gratitude. With every garment they produce, they remain steadfast in their commitment to spreading hope, one stitch at a time, and empowering individuals to embrace their faith and shine brightly in a world that often feels dim.

Embracing the Future with Gratitude

Looking ahead, Angelina anticipates the future with excitement and anticipation. “After I graduate, I plan on working on the company full time,” she reveals. She has also sets her sights on the next entrepreneurial milestone: a new product drop in late May or early June.

“I am grateful for CUAA and all the opportunities I have had,” Angelina expresses. “I am proud to be an alum here.”

“With God’s grace, anyone can overcome any challenge they face.”

As Angelina prepares to embark on the next chapter of her journey, her story serves as a testament to the power of tenacity, faith, and the pursuit of purpose. In a world often overshadowed by darkness, she reminds us that there is always hope—and sometimes, that hope comes clothed in faith and determination.

Don’t forget to check out their clothing brand here and their Instagram here.

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