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Concordia University Ann Arbor announces a new name for the School of Nursing, more endowments for students, and a new center for innovation, all thanks to the generous hearts of a local couple.

Ronald and Marvel Jones are no strangers to CUAA. In 2018 the couple made their first transformational gift to the university after touring the School of Nursing and meeting with Assistant Vice President of Academics, Cindy Fenske, DNP. At the time, they created two endowments to support deserving students in need.

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That gift was just the beginning of the Jones’ commitment and dedication to the school. The couple recently announced that they would provide more financial support for students


and help launch the Center for Simulation & Innovation, which will be housed within the North Building where the nursing programs reside.

“Marvel and I have been very blessed over the years and we pray daily that we can be a blessing to others,” says Ronald Jones. “Dr. Fenske and her team have been amazing in growing Concordia’s nursing program and developing a Christ-centered education for the students.”

“Our current simulation center already sets our nursing program apart,” says Fenske. “Ron and Marvel’s generous gift will help us expand our experiential learning offerings and create opportunities for more interprofessional collaborations to take place.”

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Fenske is looking to incorporate augmented reality (AR) into the current simulations used by the nursing students. AR can be used to show physical changes. such as facial drooping or sweating, to appear on the manikin during a patient care simulation. This addition of realism gives students the opportunity to notice changes and respond promptly and appropriately. AR will have many applications within the CUAA campus’ various majors, including things such as interactive anatomy and physiology models, active crime scenes, classroom emergencies, and various types of unique inter-professional applications.

According to Rev. Dr. Ryan Peterson, vice president of administration, renaming the School of Nursing reflects the commitment and generosity of the Joneses. “Our university is deeply grateful for the transformational gifts of the Joneses that will continue to make a difference in our students’ lives, and prepare them for uncommon lives of service, compassion, integrity and excellence, which are the core values of the Ronald and Marvel Jones School of Nursing.”

The Center for Simulation & Innovation (CSI) will be available to all students and incorporated into curricula well beyond health care.

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