Day of Giving

It's time to take your shot at making an uncommon impact!

On Monday, March 1, 2021, Concordia University will host its first-ever day of giving to benefit the university’s Ann Arbor and Mequon campuses. Titled “March MATCHness,” the 24-hour, joint-campus initiative invites the entire Concordia University community—students, alumni, faculty, staff, parents, and friends—to come together to advance the Concordia mission and to make a huge impact in the lives of students.

The day will be comprised of fun and friendly competitions and various online and in-person opportunities to DOUBLE your support with MATCH challenges. The matching gifts are made possible by generous sponsors and supporters of the university.

All donations on the day can be made through a virtual fundraising page.

Visit March MATCHness page

“Any contribution, no matter how small, can make a big difference,” said Katie Burton, Director of the Concordia Fund. “March MATCHness offers a fun way to truly make a difference in the lives of students. It’s a great way for our communities to come together.”

The day will kick off at 12 a.m. Central. Throughout the day on March 1, there will be various match challenges and giving incentives offered, which will be heavily promoted on CUAA’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.

What you’re supporting

Participants have the opportunity to designate exactly which fund they would like to support:

The Concordia Fund

Tuition only covers a portion of the actual cost to educate each student. The Concordia Fund was established to offset the remaining expenses, allowing us to offer Concordia’s students the increased quality and experience they deserve, without placing a greater burden on them. Donations to the Concordia Fund support the day-to-day operations of the university, provide scholarship support, and enhance the student experience. This is our GREATEST need.

Scholarship Support—Mind

With a mission to provide access to the highest-value, faith-based higher education, we rely on scholarship support from our generous donors to help us remove the financial barriers for our students. Nearly 100% of our traditional undergrads receive financial support. A Concordia education would not be accessible to many without this support.


Being a Concordia Cardinal isn’t just about out-scoring competitors in the athletic arena. It’s about developing as an individual, both in and out of the game. Donations to athletics supports our 25+ programs, year-round intramurals, fitness equipment, and uniforms.

Ministry Support—Spirit

Our vibrant Christian community is united in faith and put into action in service to God, His Church, and the world. Donations to the ministry program support the myriad of student ministry opportunities, mission trips, resources for service work and Bible studies.

Step up to the challenge

Make a plan to join us for March MATCHness.

  1. Save the date on your calendar. Click here to download an Outlook invite with full details.
  2. Check out the March MATCHness website. Visit to familiarize yourself with the layout and giving opportunities.
  3. Consider how you will contribute. Whether it be financially, through promotion of the event, or by becoming an Ambassador, your involvement makes a big difference.

— This story is written by Kali Thiel, director of university communications for Concordia University Ann Arbor and Wisconsin. She may be reached at or 262-243-2149.

If this story has inspired you, why not explore how you can help further Concordia's mission through giving.