Meet Claudia Grepke.

Faith Lutheran High School, Las Vegas, Nevada

CUAA Major: Nursing (’25)

What is your favorite thing about attending Concordia?

The size and close knit community that feel just like my high school.

What is the best event you have attended on campus?

Probably the corn hole tournament during fall welcome weekend or any basketball game (but really anticipating CIT next month!)

What is the most underrated element of Concordia?

The small class sizes that make our professors so much more accessible than they would be at a big university.

What has been your favorite class here at CUAA and why?

I have only taken four classes so far but I liked the Bible because even though I’ve gone to Lutheran schools my entire life, I have learned so much.

Do you have any advice for seniors in high school when choosing where to go to college?

Go with your gut above all else when making your final decision.

What is your favorite spot on campus?

The Manor 100%. I love it!


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