Did you know that some of your CUWAA professors are also Study Abroad alumni?

The benefits of a Study Abroad experience are boundless! Studying abroad gives you the chance to flex your problem-solving skills, embrace new experiences, and harness the power of real-world learning.

No one knows this better than the CUWAA professors who opted for their own Study Abroad experience. This series will give you a glimpse at a few of them. Click here to read more.

Germany 1992-1993   

First up is Dr. Charles Schulz, who spent a year in Germany from 1992-1993. Hear directly from Dr. Schulz what he learned:

For my second year of seminary, I was selected for the exchange program with our sister seminary in Oberursel, Germany. I had been to Germany a few years before for a summer, but this was a 10-month experience which saw me growing in my language skills and in my independence. I was blessed with opportunity to travel during the school breaks. The three other Americans on campus and I went throughout Europe seeing the sites. In time, we made it as far as England to the west and Greece to the east.

What he learned

I learned that the Germans have some different ideas about health and healthiness. They are very concerned about stuffy rooms, so it is standard to open the widows of a classroom between classes to exchange the air. Although the windows would close when class began again, you’d be happy to be wearing your coat while taking notes. The lunch culture of the seminary was no social affair. It might take some time for meals to be distributed and then it was to be consumed in some 15 to 20 minutes—even with heavy potatoes and sausages. My stomach wasn’t used to that digestive discipline. But afterward, one should either take a brief nap or, preferably, go for a walk in the neighboring forest. I learned that “Let’s go for a walk” can be a pretty open proposal for a German—you might only return after three hours! It’s certainly good to get a clear idea about what your friend has in mind before setting out.

What has stayed with him

There are a number of cultural habits which have stayed with me since my time in Germany. I still sometimes answer the phone with “Schulz here.” When I enter a room with a group or am about to depart, I’m inclined to want to shake everyone’s hand. I enjoy watering down my juices, so I have orange juice flavored water as much as I have straight juice. And I can still wear scarf around my neck indoors in the winter. You never know if someone will suddenly want to open up all the windows!”

Want in?

This summer, Dr. Schulz is leading a study abroad course to Wittenberg, Germany to study Martin Luther. For more information on Study Abroad, visit www.cuaa.edu/academics/study-abroad to learn more.