Three employees received special recognition and others were celebrated for their years of service during CUAA’s Employee Appreciation Lunch today.

Scholarship & Creative Activity Award: Tim Neal

Tim Neal has presented and published various articles and book chapters to continue the expansion of literature in his fields of study. The level of scholarship that he produces has been consistent for years. Tim often brings his research into his teaching and it allows him to connect with his students on multiple levels. The connection between the two is important and so recognizable. By continuing to publish and present, producing new information that is current, groundbreaking, and applicable, it is an honor to work with Tim.

Teaching Excellence Award: Kyle Chuhran

Kyle is top of the class and deserving of the award for teaching excellence. He consistently engages students in the learning process whether that’s in seminars, lectures, or clinics.

He is not only an excellent teacher who works tirelessly with and for students, but he is also willing to help adjuncts and colleagues be better teachers. Kyle teaches faculty how to improve and implement rubrics that are aligned to objectives as well as have clear goals and instructions. He is always willing to talk about pedagogical practices and strategies to help faculty better engage with their students or tackle teaching problems that arise.

Kyle works tirelessly for his students and to perfect his own craft of teaching. He has passion not only for the profession and the content but most importantly for his students.

Employee of the Year: Dieter Heren

Dieter Heren demonstrates an unwavering dedication and genuine care for our campus and students. In a time where safety and security are paramount concerns for any educational institution, he consistently goes above and beyond duty to ensure the well-being of our community. His proactive approach to maintaining a safe environment, combined with a compassionate demeanor, sets him apart as an exemplary member of our campus.

What truly distinguishes Dieter is a deep-rooted commitment to fostering positive relationships with students. He not only ensures their physical safety but also takes the time to engage with them on a personal level, offering support and guidance whenever needed. His approachability and willingness to listen have earned him the respect and admiration of both students, faculty, and staff.

Present Years of Service Awards

Five Years:

Juliane Chreston

Maya Dozier

Stephen Hendrix

Holly Losee

Robert Pardo

Frank Rubino

Kam DeLano

Gregory Emmons

Erin Laverick

Ty McGuire

Timothy Reynhout

Sarah Thurmond

Ten Years:

Danielle Cook

Ryan Peterson

Michelle Slade

Martin Juarez

Chris Raasch

James Stephenson

Twenty Years

Kendra Ernst

Advancement in Rank:

Scott Chappuis to Associate Professor

Amber Gray to Associate Professor

William Perrine to Professor

Mihaela Zegrean to Associate Professor

Recognition of Retirements:

Georgia Nickerson

John Rathje

Janice Weisenbach

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