Lisa Gardner shares a bit about the process to earn an ESL Endorsement and how close she was to giving up.

Concordia University Ann Arbor’s English as a Second Language program addresses the rising need of students whose first language is not English. In an increasing global world, it is important for all students to have the opportunity to learn, and if some of the barriers can be removed, then we should help. CUAA offers an ESL Endorsement as well as an ESL Master of Science.

Earning an endorsement when you have already gotten your degree is not always easy. Certainly, Lisa Gardner can attest to that. But at CUAA, we hope that each person has an “Uncommon” experience, and here is Lisa’s.

“Recently, I decided to complete the classes I needed for my ESL Endorsement. After contacting several schools, I found the process so daunting and confusing. It seemed no one wanted to work with me, and it was also so expensive. I contacted Concordia as one last attempt, and they were so helpful. They looked at me as an individual and not just a number. They reviewed my history and created a program just for me. The Admissions Counselor and Program Directors were very personal and helpful. Their excellent customer service was something I hadn’t experienced before talking to them. I am so excited to be a newly enrolled student at Concordia University and I would highly recommend it to others.”

Want in?

To find out more about how you can earn an Endorsement in English as a Second Language from Concordia University, read the website or contact the Graduate Admissions Counselor for the School of Education, Shelly Venema. (

—This story is written by Shelly Venema, MS, Graduate Admissions Counselor and Adjunct Professor for the CUAA School of Education.