Why should you choose a Lutheran university?

Find community and education together at a Lutheran university.

Why should you choose a Lutheran university?

When choosing a college, most students look for a program they’re interested in. Others might look for an established campus in a beautiful area. At Lutheran universities, you can have it all. Read more to find out what this means at Concordia University Wisconsin & Ann Arbor

Lutheranism: what does this mean?

Rev. Dr. Ted Hopkins is the Program Director for the Pre-Seminary and Family Life Ministry programs at Concordia University Ann Arbor. He also serves as Associate Professor of Theology.

Hopkins suggested a framework that might help when trying to understand Lutheranism. Lutheranism is all about justification. Justification focuses on Jesus’ death on the cross and resurrection to save all people from sin. Jesus is at the center of Lutheranism. Lutherans emphasize that Jesus has saved sinners, all people, by his work alone.

Jesus gives this gift of salvation through the Holy Spirit by the sacraments, baptism and Holy Communion, and by preaching and teaching that proclaims the good news of salvation in Jesus. Lutherans also affirm the importance of unity with the Church of all time, especially in the creeds since those teachings help to focus on Jesus, the Son of the eternal Father.

But why choose Lutheran over other private or public colleges? Because we have everything other universities have and more.


Christian community on campus

Community is vital for all members of a higher education institution. From students and staff to community members and families, Lutheran universities like Concordia aim to connect all those who are involved with their campus. At a Lutheran college, you will find smaller class sizes where professors serve as mentors to their cherished students. There is an emphasis on family and relationships that makes its way into every classroom. Because you are on a Lutheran campus, you will have the opportunity to connect with like-minded students and staff who will help you to grow your faith.


Lutheran colleges have faith-filled education

On Christian campuses like Concordia, we put the Lord before all else.  However, what does that mean for our academics? Lutheran universities are committed to our academics, using our faith to guide us through challenging and practical content in our courses. We have an emphasis on ethics and personal values as well. Because of this, on a Lutheran campus like ours, you will have the opportunity to pursue Christian coursework and majors to turn your faith into a lifestyle and career. Is church work in your future? Lutheran universities often offer programs for those interested in professional ministry.

Also, because Lutheran colleges have such a focus on community, as a student you are more likely to receive scholarships based on academics, extracurriculars, and other factors of merit than a student attending a prominent public college. For example, here at Concordia we offer an audition based music scholarship, as well as athletic talent awards. 


Campuses built with faith in mind – literally

Another wonderful aspect about being at a Lutheran university is the ability to worship on campus. Many Lutheran colleges have chapels or other locations on-site so that students, faculty, and staff may attend church services together. Students participate in the services offered, as well as volunteer in other ways on campus. They even lead in prayer before or during school related activities such as athletics, concerts, or club meetings.

Students may be involved in musical groups that perform not only in on-campus locations, but other places of worship near by, like CUW’s choral ensembles. Actually, students at Lutheran colleges are more likely to participate in all of those activities and more. Here at Concordia, we  promote learning abroad as well as service and missionary work, which helps our students to develop a global mindset they can apply to their future vocations. We also have a robust, student-led Campus Ministry Leadership Team that encourages students to engage in Christian fellowship regularly. 


Want to learn more about the opportunities a Lutheran university like Concordia can offer you?

We pride ourselves on the success of our alumni. Below you’ll find just a few examples of what you could accomplish at Concordia:


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