Concordia University Ann Arbor School of Education students gained additional teaching experience this semester as they led a writing club at St. Paul Lutheran School.

This past semester, elementary education students (Hailey Hall (‘23), Taylor Nesbitt (‘23), Gabriella McLain (‘24), Grace Sandlin (‘25), Samantha Pomponio (‘25), and Morgan Scott (‘25)) enrolled in a course titled Teaching the Writer’s Craft had the opportunity to host a writing workshop for students at St. Paul Lutheran School in Ann Arbor.

Every Wednesday for nine weeks, the group met at St. Paul with the goal of helping young students publish their own writing. Concordia students used the methods they learned in their university class to teach the students at St. Paul and guide them in their writing.

The students at St. Paul learned new writing skills they might not have had before while having a fun time learning with their friends. This writing club was an excellent opportunity for both schools. This club further exemplified the wonderful partnership between Concordia and St. Paul. The relationships the schools have continued to sustain with the students, facilities, and staff is excellent. 

Leading the club helped the Concordia students increase their understanding of teaching writing, creating lesson plans, creating connections between students and staff, and gaining experience in a classroom. The St. Paul students were able to explore different writing styles, expand their creativity, and practice reading/sharing in front of their classmates.

One of the things the teachers from Concordia loved was the connections that were made so quickly with the St. Paul students. Within the second week of the club, the teachers made connections with each of the students.       

Concordia student, Morgan Scott, spoke with one of the St. Paul students about his experience during the writer’s workshop:

Miss. Morgan – “Would you recommend the writing club to other friends in the school?”

Student – “Yes, it’s a fun activity to do with your friends, you get to talk and do fun writing activities.”

Miss. Morgan – “Did you have a good time during the club?”

Student – “Yes, it was a fun time learning new information with my friends!”

Miss. Morgan – “Did you learn a lot of information you didn’t know before?”

Student- “It made me have more fun learning about new skills.” 

On November 16, the CUAA students hosted a Publication Celebration at which the St. Paul authors read their creative work to an audience of parents, siblings, and teachers. This fun event culminated with snacks and opportunities for club leaders and fellow authors to sign each others’ work.

Both Concordia and St. Paul students were greatly impacted by this experience. Concordia students were given a wonderful teaching experience while the St. Paul students were given a better understanding of the writing process.

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