Zane Simon is pursuing a major in Family Life Education with a minor in Youth Ministry and is on track to graduate in December 2021. Through his service and the support of the Concordia community, life is put into perspective.

Concordia surrounds me with a community that elevates servanthood – a community that has profoundly impacted my ability and desire to serve.

 While at CUAA I have participated in a 24-hour mission trip to Family of God in Detroit, I have been a transition leader for Welcome Weekend twice, am involved with World Vision’s 30-hour famine every February, and assisted with the Concordia Youth Gathering two times.

 I am also a member of the Campus Ministry Leadership team. I act as the Campus Ministry Coordinator for Luke Hall, am a member of the Concordia Youth Ministries Board, and I supervise the Chapel Tech Team. Additionally, I lead a weekly bible study for all guys on campus. Off Campus, I am an intern at University Lutheran Chapel, and I often participate in events at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Adrian, MI.

Service work is important to me because it helps put life in perspective. I always see the world differently while I serve.  I view the challenges others face in a different light when I have a chance to walk and talk with someone who face those challenges. Additionally, I believe that God built us to serve and so we are blessed every time we serve another person. Every time I have earnestly served someone else, they have blessed me through words, actions, and gifts.

I feel blessed to have these experiences. The generosity of donors and support that students like me receive, allows us to see how God provides for his people.

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