An ancient prophet. An astonished shepherd. A busy innkeeper. A faithful young mother.

Each had an uncommon vantage point for the birth of our Savior. So also each of us today finds ourselves within an individual life and circumstance, awaiting the coming of our Lord in Advent.

Yet we have many things in common. None of us can escape the shackles of sin on our own. All of us have been redeemed by the blood of Jesus. Each of us has been given a distinct opportunity to share our story of grace and redemption through our Lord and Savior by the power of the Holy Spirit.

“An uncommon Advent: the arrival of a Savior in our lives” is a sampling of such stories, composed by members of the Concordia University Ann Arbor and Wisconsin community. It is our prayer that you will spend time during the Advent season to read and reflect on God’s Word and await the coming of Jesus with newfound anticipation and zeal through the Holy Spirit. That same anticipation and zeal is found in the mission of Concordia University and is what drives the work of the university each and every day.


Foreword | Gretchen Jameson, Senior Vice President of Strategy and University Affairs

Dec. 1 | Rev. Dr. Patrick Ferry, President (Isaiah 7:10-8:8; 1 Peter 3:1-22)

Dec. 2 | Aaron Wentzel, CUW Campus Ministry Student (Isaiah 8:9-9:7, 1 Peter 4:1-19)

Dec. 3 | Dr. Cindy Fenske, Campus Dean of School of Nursing (Isaiah 9:8-10:11, 1 Peter 5:1-14)

Dec. 4 | Payton Lovins, CUAA Student Athlete (Isaiah 10:12-27a, 33-34; 2 Peter 1:1-21)

Dec. 5 | Dr. Charneta Gadling-Cole, School of Health Professions (Isaiah 11:1-12:6, 2 Peter 2:1-22)

Dec. 6 | Dr. Michael Uden, Vice Provost (Isaiah 14:1-23, 2 Peter 3:1-1)

Dec. 7 | Allison Wolf, CUW Lead Student Success Advisor (Isaiah 24:1-13 and 1 John 1:1-2:14)

Dec. 8 | Ali Ross, Director of Counseling Services (Isaiah 24:14-25:12, Obadiah 1-21, 1 John 2:15-29)

Dec. 9 | Dr. Erin Laverick, Campus Dean of School of Arts & Sciences (Isaiah 26:1-19, 1 John 3:1-24)

Dec. 10 | Gideon Cain, CUW Student Athlete (Isaiah 26:20-27:13, 1 John 4:1-21)

Dec. 11 | Dr. Georgia Kreiger, Assistant Vice President of Academics (Isaiah 28:14-29, 1 John 5:1-21, 2 John 1-13, 3 John 1-15)

Dec. 12 | CUW Writer’s Aviary of Concordia (Isaiah 29:1-14 and Jude 1-25)

Dec. 13 | Lonnie Pries, Director of Athletics (Isaiah 29:15-30:14, Revelation 1:1-2)

Dec. 14 | Dr. Dan Sem, University Dean, School of Business Administration (Isaiah 30:15-26, Revelation 2:1-2)

Dec. 15 | Dr. Michael Brown, Associate Dean of School of Pharmacy (Isaiah 30:27-31:9, Revelation 3:1-2)

Dec. 16 | Cheryl Weber, Human Resources (Isaiah 32:1-20, Revelation 4:1-11)

Dec. 17 | Dean Rennicke, Vice President of Advancement (Isaiah 33:1-24 and Revelation 5:1-14)

Dec. 18 | Dr. Sandra Harris, Campus Dean of School of Education (Isaiah 34:1-2, 8-35:10, Micah 1:1-7:20, Revelation 6:1-17)

Dec. 19 | Amanda Ressler, CUAA Campus Ministry Student (Isaiah 40:1-17, Revelation 7:1-17)

Dec. 20 | Stephen Hibbard, CUW Director of Buildings and Grounds (Isaiah 40:18-41:10 and Revelation 8:1-13)

Dec. 21 | Faith Stanley, CUW Black Student Union (Isaiah 42:1-25, Revelation 9:1-12)

Dec. 22 | Sarah Pecor, Assistant Vice President, Extended Campus Operations (Isaiah 43:1-24, Revelation 9:13-10:11)

Dec. 23 | Dr. Tori Negash, Director of Academic Resource Center (Isaiah 43:25-44:20, Revelation 11:1-19)

Dec. 24 | Rev. Dr. Ryan Peterson, Vice President of Administration (Isaiah 44:21-45:13, 20-25, Daniel 10:1-12:13, Isaiah 48:1-22, and Revelation 12:1-17)

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