Flags at CUAA

Editor's note: This story, by Meredith Bruckner, was originally published on on September 11, 2019 on WDIV's All About Ann Arbor.

ANN ARBOR – If you traveled on Geddes Road past Concordia University‘s campus this morning, you may have noticed hundreds of American flags planted around the roundabout at the school’s entrance.

To mark 9/11, around a dozen students planted the flags Tuesday evening just before sundown to commemorate the near 3,000 victims killed in the coordinated terror attacks on New York City, Pennsylvania and Virginia 18 years ago.

“We decided to do this because we want to not only remember this day, but we want to remember those whose lives were changed as a result of the horrific events of 9/11,” said Rev. Dr. Ryan Peterson.

“What struck us in the consideration of how to do that in a way that would bless the community. We know that Geddes is a busy road. At all times of day, people are forced to pause at that roundabout. In their time of pausing, we wanted to invite people to actually pause and remember the events that day.”

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