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If you’re a Registered Nurse but have been consistently overlooked for promotions and raises, it might be time to upgrade your RN to a BSN. And the timing couldn’t be more perfect. As facilities scramble to accommodate the rising nursing shortage, you have the unique opportunity to stand out and position yourself as the prime candidate to step into new roles.

Taking the step toward earning your BSN not only improves your career options but also strengthens and increases your knowledge of nursing best practices. You can then take this knowledge back to your facility to improve patient care and qualify for leadership roles.

The process of upgrading your credentials from RN to BSN is simple. Schools know that you’re busy with demanding schedules to fulfill as a nurse, so many of them offer flexible formats that help you pursue your education without needing to sacrifice your work or life. Here at Concordia, we offer the BSN completion program 100% online.

Concordia’s BSN Completion Program

As a nurse, you’re well aware that many hospitals are looking for nurses who have BSN degrees. If you’re currently working as an RN with your associate’s degree, Concordia’s accelerated online RN to BSN program allows you to complete your BSN degree efficiently. Earning your BSN puts you in a great position to advance your career. Plus, if you want to keep advancing in your nursing studies, you’ll be able to earn advanced degrees afterward.

Earning your RN to BSN degree shouldn’t completely disrupt your life. Our 100% online BSN Completion program gives you the opportunity to accomplish this goal around your busy schedule. The curriculum progression is self-paced, allowing you to work at your own speed.

You never have to worry about falling behind or missing a course, because you decide when you have time to take a class. While most students complete the program in just three to four semesters, participants can take up to five years to complete it—leaving room for life to happen.

  • Earn your BSN in as little as 18 months while you continue working.
  • Complete your clinical hours at your own organization.
  • Flexible, year-round format designed to accommodate working adult students.
  • Transfer up to 84 credits.
  • Choose your class format by taking one class at a time fully online.

Not already a nurse? If you are considering a rewarding second career in Nursing, your existing bachelor’s degree will accelerate your progress considerably! Read more about our Accelerated 2nd Degree Nursing program on our Wisconsin campus.

How much does the BSN Completion program cost?

This program is $475 per credit hour and 120 total credits. Depending on the number of credits a student transfers in and if they qualify for a scholarship, most students end up spending far less on their degree.

Are there scholarships available?

Yes! We have Uncommon Scholarships available for many qualified students. Our available scholarships include:

  • Business Community Scholarship: If you are an employee of one of our corporate partners you may qualify for this scholarship. Check out our partnership with Advocate Aurora Healthcare.
  • Alumni Scholarship: If you are a graduate of one of Concordia University System school programs you may qualify for this scholarship.
  • Veterans and Dependents Scholarship: If you are a veteran, the spouse of a veteran, or a child of a veteran(age 17-26), you may qualify for this veteran scholarship when federal veteran education benefits are unavailable to you. 

When it comes to funding your education, have a conversation with your employer to see if they will be willing to pay a portion of your tuition. There may be funds, scholarships, or benefits their companies may offer.

Entrance Requirements

  • Completed an Associates Degree in Nursing (ADN)
  • Passed the NCLEX exam and hold a current, unencumbered RN license in the U.S.
  • Must be working as an RN throughout the program
  • Cumulative undergrad GPA of 2.75 or higher for full acceptance

Admissions Requirements

  • Online Application
  • All official transcripts
    • Student only needs to submit a high school or GED transcript if the student has less than 60 transferrable credits.
    • An unofficial transcript evaluation is done to gauge understanding of approximate transfer credits and the length of the program. We are able to accept a maximum of 84 credits with a grade of D or better from regionally accredited schools.
  • Resume
  • Copy of current RN license

Check it out: Does your college have an articulation agreement with Concordia?

Preparation for the Future

One of the best features of our BSN completion program is the quality and quantity of preparation it provides for hard-working nurses who want to take their education beyond the bachelor’s level. Nurses seeking a future as nurse practitioners or nurse educators gain valuable preparation for their master’s program. In fact, many graduates go on to obtain an MSN right here at Concordia after completing the BSN program.

Are you ready for the next steps?

If you’d like more information about Concordia’s RN to BSN program, you can visit us here.

This blog was originally published on October 8, 2021. It has been updated to reflect current information.