For better or worse, communication and leadership go hand-in-hand. Many have assumed leadership roles or aspire to leadership in the future. However, they may not have personal experience themselves or good examples of leaders. One solution is more opportunities to experience leadership concepts in a safe environment and discover your natural leadership style. Undoubtedly, communication and leadership are critical to a successful business and engaged teams.

Why are communication and leadership important?

Employers are hungry for excellent communication skills. They want leaders that are articulate and clear in their direction. So, becoming skilled in both makes you a very valuable hire.

Excellence in communication enhances every relationship that is held dear, from our significant others to our co-workers, friends, and even acquaintances. Communication is the skill that could take an acquaintance and springboard that relationship to an important part of a social or career network. 

Today communication is more important than ever as technology has largely replaced personal interaction. Covid further exacerbated the decline of the richest communication: face-to-face. Upper management and business owners seek to find good leaders and good communicators, they understand that these skills improve productivity and profits. It could be said that good communicators and leaders are critical to both profitability and growth.

How does a degree in communication and leadership benefit me?

Having communication skills as a strength segues directly into the importance of strong leadership skills and abilities. Anyone interested in leadership or management can benefit from higher education in this field. A degree will equip you with the skills you need to be an effective leader and communicator, in an environment conducive to accelerated learning.

The skills learned will help you to create an enjoyable, comfortable, and profitable work environment. We know that improved relationships in the workforce reduce absences and improve engagement. People that work well together are able to accomplish more and a degree will help you develop the skills you need to become the effective and ethical leader already inside.

What can I do with a communication and leadership degree?

The beauty of this degree is that it is applicable to just about any workplace. It could be healthcare, manufacturing, tech, retail, wholesale, and the list goes on and on. Leaders with strong communication skills are able to facilitate, network, encourage and support others to do their best work; these skills are valuable no matter the industry.

Some fields of work may include:

  • Social and digital media
  • Public Relations
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Writing and publishing
  • Event Planning
  • Human Resources
  • Politics
  • Nonprofits
  • Customer Service
  • Fundraising

What makes Concordia’s program different than others?

Firstly, our Accelerated Bachelor’s in Communication and Leadership program was created with adult learners in mind. We are pleased to enable students with the ability to complete their degree online alongside their busy life. Our excellent faculty understand how busy life can get and are happy to work with students to balance their education with their lives.

Additionally, within the program servant leadership and multicultural leadership are two core approaches we teach. These cores help to prepare students to serve others in leadership roles. Furthermore, students learn how to build equity and support into their teams.

We’re passionate about this approach to leadership. It enables our students to live out Concordia’s mission of service to Christ in the Church and the world, particularly, through our vocations of serving our neighbors.

How is Concordia University unique?

Concordia is a Lutheran Christian school that integrates those Christian values with our programs. In this model, students acquire knowledge and skills in liberal arts disciplines that prepare them to be of service to Christ in the Church and the world. We bring a holistic approach to every class we offer our students. We challenge our students academically but also give them the chance to grow spiritually with us in ways that they may not find at other universities. Concordia is a community of people whose calling is to ensure both student success and well-being

In addition, we have designed paths bridging traditional undergraduate degrees to graduate degrees, such as our Business Scholars program. This unique program offers highly qualified incoming freshmen the opportunity to earn their bachelor’s degree and their MBA in four years, for example.

Another perk of our undergraduate programs is that students can transfer up to 84 credits. This makes the transfer process easy and saves students time and money. Our admissions counselors can provide transcript evaluations for a more accurate amount of credits. All we need is your unofficial transcripts from previous schools attended.

How long does it typically take to complete the degree?

It will take 3 to 5 years to earn a bachelor’s degree, depending on credit transfer amount and course load. If you already have your bachelor’s degree and are looking for a master’s, consider our Master’s in Leadership program. This degree can be completed in just 1.5 years.

What format is offered? How long are the classes?

Our Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Leadership program is offered fully online. Classes are eight weeks each. The online format is very flexible but requires discipline and organization to set up a schedule to complete coursework on time.

How much does the program cost?

This program is $475 per credit hour and 120 total credits. Depending on the number of credits a student transfers in and if they qualify for a scholarship, most students end up spending far less on their degree.

Are there scholarships available?

Yes! We have Uncommon Scholarships available for many qualified students. Our available scholarships include:

  • Business Community Scholarship: If you are an employee of one of our corporate partners you may qualify for this scholarship.
  • Academic Community Scholarship: If you are an employee of one of our Preferred Education Partner schools or districts you may qualify for this scholarship. 
  • Christian Community Scholarship: If you are an employee of any qualifying Christian church or Christian K-12 school you may qualify for this scholarship. 
  • Alumni Scholarship: If you are a graduate of one of Concordia University System school programs you may qualify for this scholarship.
  • Veterans and Dependents Scholarship: If you are a veteran, the spouse of a veteran, or a child of a veteran(age 17-26), you may qualify for this veteran scholarship when federal veteran education benefits are exhausted or unavailable to you. 

When it comes to funding your education, have a conversation with your employer to see if they will be willing to pay a portion of your tuition. There may be funds, scholarships, or benefits their companies may offer.

Entrance Requirements

  • High School Diploma/ GED
  • Cumulative undergrad GPA of 2.0 for full acceptance

Admissions Requirements

  • Online Application
  • All official transcript
    • Student only needs to submit a high school or GED transcript if the student has less than 60 transferrable credits.
    • An unofficial transcript evaluation is almost always done to gauge understanding of approximate transfer credits and the length of the program. We are able to accept a maximum of 84 credits with a grade of D or better from regionally accredited schools.

Check it out: Does your college have an articulation agreement with Concordia?

Ready to start?

To learn more about the accelerated associate and bachelor’s in Communication & Leadership offered for busy adults visit CUWAA Accelerated Admissions or talk to one of our support specialists.

Information provided by Sandra Jahns, Concordia’s Program Director for the Accelerated program in Communication & Leadership.