Dr. Suzanne “Suzy” Siegle is a fast-talking, multi-tasking, big-smiling powerhouse of positivity. There’s high energy; and then there’s Siegle.

It turns out this doesn’t come entirely naturally to this attorney and business professor, she has to work at it.

Through a comprehensive personal journey, Siegle has amassed personal tools that help her approach each day buoyant and grateful for another opportunity. Now more than ever, she’s on a mission to help others find and harness their own inner, positive strength, especially in the business and entrepreneurial arenas.

“There’s a lot happening in the world right now; and a lot that is out of our control,” Siegle explains. “Yet, even now, we have 100 percent control over our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and beliefs about ourselves and our futures. By managing our own perception and belief about what is happening around us, we can actually take personal responsibility for the things we do, say, and feel that affect our outcomes.”

Siegle has coined her proprietary, science-informed, self-actualizing process as the LOCUS Mindset®.  Siegle believes that this is the most important mindset people need to be successful at work and in life. When she isn’t teaching or leading within Concordia University Ann Arbor’s academic community, she is an in-demand speaker and podcast guest, and a prolific video blogger on the subject.

LOCUS Mindset is based on the Locus of Control theory developed by Dr. Julian Rotter in 1954.  It refers to the degree to which people believe their own actions, decisions, choices and behaviors determine the results in their lives (internals), as opposed to luck, chance, external forces or “powerful others” (externals).  The research is clear that those with a strong internal locus of control, as Siegle calls it, a “LOCUS Mindset”, consistently see better results in their health, with their careers and in their relationships.

According to Siegle, the self-actualizing process she developed is effective in building and strengthening an internal locus of control for everyone. Business leaders, entrepreneurs, parents, students, and other professors can all benefit by strengthening their own inner response awareness. She has developed a proprietary course that teaches a step-by-step system for doing just that.  It’s called the THRIVE framework. For those who put in the work, the results speak for themselves. Her company website is flooded with affirmations from grateful clients.

Siegle’s services have been in high-demand lately as business owners adapt to a different normal. As a certified HeartMath® trainer, she incorporates the HeartMath® tools and trainings into her LOCUS Resilience workshops for high-performing leaders and entrepreneurs, helping them to shift out of anxiety and overwhelm and into clarity, focus and better business results. She continues to be encouraged by the innovation and resilience demonstrated by leaders, particularly in small business, and is confident that most businesses will not only survive through this pandemic, but will come out with a stronger understanding of the people they serve.

While she believes strongly in the entire process, Siegle thinks everyone can benefit from applying the following three simple practices into their everyday lives.

  1. Morning Mindset Mastery – “Start each day with an intentional focus on three things for which you are grateful.”
  2. HeartMath® Heart Focused Breathing Technique– “Focus your attention on the area of your heart, and time your breathing five seconds in, five seconds out, breathing slower and deeper than usual”. This creates greater HRV (heart-rate variability) and builds heart brain coherence for optimal functioning and decision-making.
  3. THRIVE Framework – “Apply this specific five-minute process each night before going to bed to reset your baseline.”

THRIVE is an acronym that stands for Timing (15 minutes before going to bed), Handwriting (write down your intentions), Repetition (go over them three times), Imagination, Visualization, and Emotion.

Suzy Siegle, Ed.D., J.D., MBA serves as legal counsel and professor of business for Concordia University Ann Arbor.  She teaches business, leadership, entrepreneurship, and legal courses.  She created LOCUS Mindset to help high-performing leaders and entrepreneurs gain more control over their lives, build personal resilience and grow thriving businesses and organizations.  Knowing that success is the product of more than exceptional talent and business strategy, Siegle focuses on cultivating the most important factor for personal and professional achievement: a LOCUS Mindset.

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