CUAA’s first PA cohort celebrated their completion of the program at their induction ceremony in the Chapel of the Holy Trinity on Saturday, May 13.

After beginning their studies in the spring of 2021, this graduating class has been working hard for 27 months to complete their Masters of Science in Physician Assitant Studies.

Graduating Cohort of 2023

Join us in congratulating these trail-blazing CUAA students!

Gadir Algahim
Jordan Anheuser
Moira Armstrong
Krista Barnes
Joshua Cosek
Shelby Cox Breanne Craven
Hunter Foisy
Carina Ghafari
Ayverie Giller
Lauren Hix
Betty Jellison
Margaret Keedy
Matthew Keener
Kathleen Kramer

Lucas Krupski
Nicole Manduzzi
Zeinab Musa
Blake Nelson
Michaella Renaud
Alexa Scroggie
Daniel Shonnard Meghan Sidhar
Michelle Spektor
Gabrielle Stanton
Faith Stewart
Brooklyn Tolkacz
Seth Vincent
Danielle Yousif
Jillian Zafarana

Honors and Awards


Brooklyn Tolkacz

Pi Alpha Honors Society

Gadir Algahim

Carina Ghafari

Lauren Hix

Brooklyn Tolkacz

Jillian Zafarana

Student Government Recognitions

President- Faith Stewart   

Vice President- Krista Barnes  

Secretary- Brooklyn Tolkacz

Treasurer- Gabrielle Stanton  

Diversity Chair- Blake Nelson  

Community Outreach Chair- Moira Armstrong 

Public Relations Chair- N/A  

Student Representatives- Joshua Cosek and Carina Ghafar

Didactic Recognition

Labs and Diagnostics – Moira Armstrong

Medical Decision Making – Josh Cosek

Patient Care – Moira Armstrong

Pharmacotherapy – Krista Barnes

Primary Medicine – Faith Stewart

High performance on an End of Rotation Examinations – “A”

Matt Keener – Emergency Medicine

Gadir Algahim – Pediatrics

Faith Stewart – Women’s Health

Brooklyn Tolkacz – Family Medicine

Michelle Spektor – Internal Medicine

Jilian Zafarana – Emergency Medicine

Moments from the ceremony

Want in?

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